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The Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

17:40, pazartesi, 24 haziran, 2019
The Most Expensive Chocolates in the World


Well, sweet tooth - open your wallets wider, as the article is about the most expensive chocolate in the world. There are varieties of chocolate, the prices of which are many thousands (if not tens of thousands of dollars) .


Of course, few people can afford such chocolate. Such a small amount of chocolate is also produced, so the demand corresponds to the supply, and vice versa. Let's rate the 3 most expensive types of chocolate in the world.




We will skip any chocolate with diamond packages as we are going to estimate the chocolate and not the amount of gold and precious stones on the package.


1. Fritz Knipschildt’s Chocopolagie


The cost of such chocolate is $ 2, 600 for 450 grams (created in 1999) . Not so long ago, but in a relatively short time, Fritz Knipschildt’s Chocopolagie became very popular. The recipe is not disclosed, but this sweetness is made from truffle butter with the addition of a special cocoa variety Valhrona Ganache. Delicacy served to the table, is sprinkled with cocoa powder.


2. Noka Vintages Collection


The price of Noka Vintages Collection is about 854 US dollars for 350 grams. Cocoa for delicacy is supplied by selected plantations of Venezuela, Trinidad, Ecuador. 75% of this chocolate consists of an expensive sort of cocoa, plus additives in the form of cocoa butter and sugar. One of the purest types of chocolate, without any additives in the form of emulsifiers or flavours.


3. Wispa Gold


Price of this chocolate is $ 1, 628 per one. This chocolate was created specifically for chocolate lovers by famous company Cadbury and it has original packaging. By the way, gold leaf packaging is edible, so you can eat everything without unwrapping. Of course, chocolate is made from the rarest and high-quality varieties of cocoa and other ingredients. The cost is really 1628 dollars for one stick in a gold package.


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