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MICE tourism in Armenia

14:10, perşembe, 23 mayıs, 2019
MICE tourism in Armenia

Quite often business people who spend time in the city, start exploring the country’s culture and see the sights. Rest after a hard conference is always necessary.

Yerevan is the largest business center in Armenia where all conferences and summits are held. Every year the city hosts many congresses, seminars and international summits. Sometimes conferences are held between two cities in the region, which makes it possible to see more beautiful sights.

Today, the infrastructure of Armenia is developing at a fast pace, new business centers and hotels are regularly opened. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is able to host various types of events and offers comfortable and well-equipped conference rooms in the central areas of the city.

We offer an interesting corporate tour to Armenia, where you can combine business and leisure. MICE tourism in Armenia is an unforgettable combination of work with entertainment, sightseeing, cultural programs, banquets, concert programs. MICE Armenia experts will develop an individual program tailored to the needs of your organization.

Well, you *** interested? Read more about MICE tours to Armenia

If you plan to organize your business event in Armenia, we will always be ready to help you. We will develop a corporate tour to Armenia, taking into account:

  • The concept of your event
  • Choosing the right venue for the event
  • Room reservation for your guests
  • Logistics for your event
  • Design and printing materials
  • Rental of equipment for events
  • Transportation
  • Provide interpreters or assistants during the event.
  • Individual cultural and educational tours for your guests
  • Organization of picnics, banquets, business lunches and dinners, private parties, etc.

You can also take a MICE tour to Armenia and get the opportunity for an active holiday: paragliding, zipline, ballooning, horse riding.

Many local and foreign organizations have entrusted us with their valuable time and events. A few hours of the official part, after which you will become carefree tourists!

Just send us your application for a corporate tour to Armenia, and we will take care of the rest!

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