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Things to know about hotels - The best hotel in Yerevan

16:18, cuma, 22 mart, 2019
Things to know about hotels - The best hotel in Yerevan

     In order to make your hotel life easier you need to know some special abbreviations and terms which you can find in the hotel description. Consequently, these terms will help you to understand what you pay for.

Here you will find some useful and interesting facts about the hotel description.

Types of the rooms


STD (standard) - standard rooms. In some hotels, you can find the name "deluxe" instead of this name as well.

Superior - a bit better than the Superior standard

Suite – a hotel room which has two rooms

Family room - room for a family of 4 and more members

Executive - high-quality rooms which are usually booked by businessmen

BGL, BG, Vill, Village (bungalow) - isolated from the main building

Types of Food


BB (Bed and breakfast) - includes breakfast only

HB (half board) - half board. It includes breakfast and dinner (smorgasbord), free tea/coffee for breakfast. The value of alcoholic drinks is not included.

FB (full board) - full board. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (smorgasbord), but drinks are for the additional price during lunch and dinner.

ALL, Al (all inclusive) - all-inclusive. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner (smorgasbord), snacks, sweets. The price includes alcoholic drinks as well.

UAL, UAI (ultra all inclusive) – it is nearly the same as all-inclusive, but it also includes alcoholic drinks from foreign production.

RO (room only), BO (bed only), AO (accommodation only) - it does not include food.

The best hotel in Yerevan

Golden Palace Hotel Yerevan is one of the best hotels in Yerevan, where you can find your comfortable nook and enjoy your perfect rest.

Our address is – Northern Avenue 11, so welcome!

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