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Experience costs way more and it is way more easy to be experienced

20:57, pazartesi, 12 şubat, 2018
Experience costs way more and it is way more easy to be experienced

Young people cannot find a job, because companies want qualified and experienced workers. Here is a chance to be experienced by one of the programs of EYP (European Youth Parliament) Armenia.

You can see the description of the program below.⬇️

"Kotayk regional session of EYP Armenia will take a place in city Abovyan from 27-29 of April.

People can apply in organiser’s position by following this link: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/kotayk-regional-session

The Deadline for the applicants is 16 February, 23: 59 Armenian Time (+04: 00 GMT) .

If you are interested in this session, you need to fill the application .You will pass, if your answers will be good and competitive enough. There are 5 general questions to which you must give answers.

Before the application process, you must register at www.members.eyp.org ".

There are many problems connected with parents. Armenia was one of the countries of USSR. This makes a problem, because some stereotypes and opinions exist in this century, coming from that historical time. There are many misunderstanding about not taking new information and not giving enough liberty to their children to take a part in many programs.

Do not be afraid of exploring something new and different, try this experience and keep going ahead! Just be active and you will see that there are many amazing chances to improve your skills and challenge yourself.

Be active in Social Media. If you feel that you can nail it, why don’t you try it then? It is not that much easy, but not that much hard too.


Information from FB page of EYP Armenia: https://www.facebook.com/EYPArmeniaRS/posts/669005636764547


Author: Douglas Galoyan

Editor: Lilith Gregoryan

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