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How to Access Maildir Directory in PST File?

16:27, pazartesi, 27 mart, 2023
How to Access Maildir Directory in PST File?

Have you been searching for a direct approach to converting Maildir file format to PST format for a long? Then, this article will going to solve your issue. Read this article till the end. The article will give you the exact solution to the query of how to access Maildir directory in PST file. Before I move further, let me explain to you about Maildir and PST file format first.

Maildir is a file format that exclusively saves email messages over the server. It maintains data properly but still, users find trouble in getting easy/proper access to their data. On the other hand, Outlook is also a very popular email client. It avails many attributes that help users to easily manage data in PST format like email messages, contacts, calendars, events, appointments, tasks, etc.

To import Maildir files into PST, it is better to opt for an automatic tool. As it removes all the complexities quite well, that users have to go through when they opt for a usual manual method of file conversion. The manual method of file conversion is available free of cost for the users, but it is not a wise decision to go with that. The method is quite lengthy and time-consuming also. Also, there is a prevalent chance of data loss always remains there.
     I am here, going to tell you about a method that will help you to convert files from Maildir into PST file format.

Maildir to PST Converter –A Convenient Method to Export Maildir to PST

CubexSoft Maildir to PST Converter – A proficient tool to help users convert their Maildir files into PST format in batch mode with ease. The software supports Windows Operating System, hence it is compatible with all its editions for example Windows 11, 10, 8, 1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, etc. The software offers the free trial opportunity to all its users. Through which the migration of the 25 Maildir files into PST free of cost is possible.

     The software facilitates the conversion of multiple Maildir files into PST in a single round. Users will get the output files without any data loss for sure. Users can set the filter options accordingly for selective migration. And also they can choose the destination location of the resultant files as per their convenience. Once the procedure gets finished, users get to see the proper record of the file migration displayed in the Text file document.

How Do I Convert Maildir into PST?

     Following are the details of the working is mentioned:

Step 1: To open/access Maildir directory in PST file, do install Maildir Converter.

Step 2: Now add Maildir files with the "Select File" and "Select Folder" options.

Step 3: After adding all such files, users can select the files/folders as per requirement. After that take a preview. Users get option for saving the attachments too.

Step 4: Click on "Export" and as a saving option choose "PST" option. Then users can go for setting filter option. Also choosing "Select Destination Path"

Step 5: Now click on Export to finally start the process of conversion.

     Let’s Sum Up

     Users can opt for this method to access Maildir directory in PST file. As it ensures complete accuracy in its outcome results. Also, the software is easy to handle, and users from any background can proceed with this method. Users may take an idea of the whole working procedure in advance through the demo edition.

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