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16:11, perşembe, 08 aralık, 2022
     The NBA's newest star, whose real name is Kentrell Desean Gaulden, is a popular songwriter, rapper, and singer. He joined the entertainment industry in 2015 and has since released many albums. Some of his popular music albums are Outside Today, released in 2018 Until Death Call My Name in 2018, Bandit in 2019, 38 Baby 2 in 2020, etc. He is the recipient of different awards, such as the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2019 for the album "I Am Who They Say I Am" and the BMI R&B Hip-Hop Awards in 2021 for his album "Bandit."
     Variety of NBA Youngboy makeup used in his music albums:
     NBA Youngboy makeup is popularly known and he also explains the reason for liking makeup. If he does not apply makeup, the viewers are expressing their comments. He stated in an interview that he feels comfortable when he wears his makeup. In his recent music video, Bandit, he is wearing makeup. His lips and eyes are covered with dark makeup, and his face is inscribed with the words "Rock and Peace. For the album Black Ball, his face even looks lighter, and NBA youngboy makeup is black lipstick and black eyeshadow.
     He spoke about his new appearance to DJ Akademiks and stated he loved makeup. He also said that he loved to paint his face or apply makeup. In the interview, he also clarified that he is not wearing face paint and that he visits MAC Cosmetics to apply proper makeup, Also, he said he carefully observes his shirt and face.
     For NBA youngboy makeup, he uses MAC cosmetics, and he feels like a rock star when he is wearing makeup. The fans were fascinated to see his black lipstick and his dark makeup around the eyes for his album "Black Ball. The clubhouse was a source of inspiration for the star to apply the best makeup. He use to experiment with his looks, applying different types of makeup.
     But some viewers ridicule the star when he experiments with different makeup. He was criticized when he applied black makeup around his eyes and the rest of his face was white, and they labeled it ***h. But he coolly said that he feels comfortable that way. The hip hop artists are wearing weird makeup, as some are applying nail polish and some are dressed in unisex clothing too. So, the fans said that artists are looking feminine. But the artist stated that they want to express themselves freely. This 22-year-old NBA youngboy makeup is always fond of re-inventing his styles. Many viewers are criticizing the star for using cosmetics, but the star is confident and wants to express himself freely. He has clearly stated he loves dark makeup. The star is fondly wearing black eye shadow along with black lipstick. He is even now wearing his colored hair in the form of locks. After releasing his album Black Bell's Music, he has attracted over 3.5 million viewers.
     Some fans are fond of his makeup and stated that anybody can apply makeup, irrespective of age or gender.
     He feels too comfortable to wear makeup. The star finally said that he is not caring about people's opinions and used to wear makeup in a way that he feels comfortable. For the musical album Birdman, the artists are weirdly applying makeup.
     The viewers' reaction to this makeup is mixed, but the artist remains unaffected by the comments posted by the stars. He stated he wants to be himself 100%. His unique style is his makeup format as he likes to try different styles of makeup for his songs.
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