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Test Tube Baby

14:08, cuma, 21 ekim, 2022
Test Tube Baby

Having a child and building a family is undeniably the dream of every couple. Unfortunately,

There are many couples out there that still struggle to conceive even after many years of marriage. Test tube baby or IVF can help you fulfill your dream of becoming parents.

To them we want to say you are not alone. Around 60-80 million couples face infertility every year worldwide and about 15-20 million (25%) are in india.

Reasons can range from poor food choices to genetics and many more. If you find yourself in this position, then there` s no need to be hopeless . Many couples have been where you are, and the majority have ended up conceiving and giving birth to healthy babies– thanks to medical breakthroughs like test tube treatment or IVF – in vitro fertilization.

Owing to its high success rate, test tube baby (or IVF) is one of the most recommended treatments for couples with infertility problems . In fact, a significant number of babies born in India every year come through IVF. This has made parenthood possible for many childless couples and has brought hope and faith for many struggling out there.

Unfortunately, the term "Test tube baby" is often misunderstood due to a lack of knowledge. Some believe that the process is unnatural and many involve a different kind of ART procedure different from the conventional IVF treatment.We hope to resolve the confusion and answer all the questions you may have concerning Test Tube Baby.

Let's start with the important item….

What is Test Tube Baby?

The first use of the term "test tube baby" was in 1978. And this was after the birth of the first test tube baby, Louise Joy Brown. Today, over 7 million healthy babies have been conceived and born via the test tube baby treatment process. As the name suggests, a test tube baby means the child is conceived outside the woman’s body.

To be more specific, the eggs and sperm are collected and fertilized in a laboratory. This process is formally known as IVF.

Surprisingly, in the early days when the test tube baby was rare, the lab instrument used was a test tube instead of a Petri dish, so that the name might have actually been misleading. However, today, the Petri dish is used for the process instead of the test tube. There is no difference between Test tube baby treatment and IVF.

IVF is generally known as Test tube baby.

It is worth noting that test tube baby treatment can also be done with donor sperm and eggs if the couple has problems with self egg or sperm.

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