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How to Prepare Notes for IAS Exams?

19:32, cumartesi, 01 ekim, 2022
How to Prepare Notes for IAS Exams?

Exams have been the toughest battle to get through. Since school, it emerges as a mandatory test for every student. But it turns out an ordeal when the aspirant chooses IAS for crafting his/her career.

Passing it can be a piece of cake but only when the aspirants put learning into practice with sheer determination. Now, the question is what should be learned. Without properly maintained notes & helping materials, becoming an IAS is just a dream. Preparing them is the trickiest part since it involves a lot of brainstorming and hard work.

Let us help such aspirants get the load off their back with some substantial advice on how to prepare notes for this exam.

Prep: Let's start with the weapons that should be handy for jotting down all the significant points to learn for the exam.

1. A4 size sheets. This exam mandates for the aspirants to be up to date for cracking this exam. Prefer A4 sheets over maintaining register. Loose sheets provide a scope of adding more points to any particular section at any point of time. Even, they can bundle up separate rims on different topics to ease out the learning process.

2. Colored pen and pencil. Using single color pen or pencil is not a wise idea. Let's say, I want to remember what the news points are that I added to a particular topic. If I edited with the same color pen, the possibility of skipping any significant point will be prominent. Therefore, the brainy must consider using different colors to differentiate & spotlight titles, subtitles and pictorial presentations.

3. Topic-wise file or folders: This exam involves intense study and exploration to multiple subjects. Bunching all notes together can take time to find out a particular topic. So, stockpile notes of the particular subject or title in different files/folders. Create bunches of various chapters/titles separately so that the subject can be known by sight. But if they collectively belong to specific subject, stack them in the folder that is titled with the subject name. It will miraculously prove as time-saviour when it comes to adding any new point hazily.

4. Check the updated syllabus: Syllabus is the first thing to take account of thoroughly before stepping in to preps. However, it’s not every now and then the syllabus is revised but yes, it’s worthy to catch it thoroughly.

5. Books, magazines and e-magazines: Preliminary and main are the two sections that define the pan structure of IAS exam. For GS section, there are uncountable sources available at the notable IAS institutes for IAS coaching in Delhi or any other state.

Current affairs are inclusive as an exponential section of this exam. There is no single reference book that covers this section. So, the aspirants must choose e-version of the prominent magazines, like India Today & newspaper like The Hindu and the Economics Times, to access them around the clock.

Methodology to prepare notes:

1. Pattern: The aspirants have to obtain in-depth knowledge of the subjects, like history & culture, geography, polity, sociology, economics, environment & bio-diversity, science & technology, ethics integrity and aptitude. Although the subjects and syllabus are identical for all aspirants yet the preparation pattern varies. Learn while preparing the notes or learn post penning down all the notes. Choose the preparation pattern as per calibre and convenience.

2. Prepare a perfect mash up. Cracking the whole book is not at all compulsory. Begin while understanding the topic. Pick color pen/pencil to jot down the title & subtitles in bullets. Draw the pictorial presentation of the explicit points since a picture stays for a longer period in the subconscious mind. Don't every attempt to create long elaborations in notes since it ends up in the copy of the book. The bulleted points let the aspirants add more points later to comply with the updates.

Stay tuned with the news bulletins. Use news feeds for catching current affairs. It will print the motion picture which is quite easy to grab and recount later without hassles. Get indulged in the GDs (group discussions) every now and then to make sure how much have been prepared for the exams.
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