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Paris Hoang Kim apartment project

20:44, cuma, 16 eylül, 2022
Paris Hoang Kim apartment project
     Paris Hoang Kim apartment project owns a prime location at Luong Dinh Cua - Tran Nao roundabout, Binh Khanh Ward, District 2. The project has a scale of 3 hectares, including 3 25-storey towers. The project is designed in European royal style with many outstanding internal utility items, bringing a great resort experience. The project location is convenient to connect to many major roads around, moving quickly to central areas. The selling price of Paris Hoang Kim apartment is about $ 2600 / m².

Overview of Paris Hoang Kim apartment project

  • Project name: Paris Hoang Kim
  • Location: Luong Dinh Cua Roundabout - Tran Nao, Binh Khanh Ward, District 2
  • Joint Venture Investor Khoi Thanh Company and Vinh Phong Thai Group
  • Scale: 3 hectares, 3 blocks with 25 floors high
  • Total product: 800 apartments
  • Design: European Royal style
  • Included furniture: imported furniture brands: Toto, Inax, Bach Ma, E-bock
  • Internal facilities: kindergarten, Broadway theater, Harvard public library, gymnasium - sports hall, cinema room, terrace + 360-view radio
  • Price: $2600
  • Commencement/handover: August 2018 – end of 2020

Paris Hoang Kim project is invested by Khoi Thanh Company in conjunction with Vinh Phong Thai Group. Two construction units ensure the quality of the work. Commitment to hand over garden items and utility systems. The townhouse is completed on the outside and has its own title book. The project is committed to legal standards. The project is invested by the investor with a clear investment plan. The investor has experience in developing high-end low-rise housing areas. Created from the efforts and enthusiasm of the investor, Paris Hoang Kim apartment building will definitely become a worthy choice for customers.
     Location of Paris Hoang Kim apartment project

     Paris Hoang Kim apartment has a prime location at the corner of Tran Nao and Luong Dinh Cua streets in District 2. This area is considered the most beautiful of Binh Khanh ward, the project is present at the connection center of the urban area. Thu Thiem, Thao Dien urban area, An Phu An Khanh and Thanh My Loi urban areas. Once again, the project is present in the urban area with high-class infrastructure synchronization and of course the potential value of this location is great.

     The location of Paris Hoang Kim project is recognized by experts and real estate investors as a rare project when possessing all 3 golden elements "Thien Thoi - Dia Loi - Nhan Hoa". Detailed description of Paris Hoang Kim apartment in District 2 - The center of economy and traffic

  • Northeast: bordering the existing residential area and a small branch of Ca Tre canal
  • Northwest: adjacent to the existing residential area
  • Southwest: adjacent to 12m road and existing residential area
  • Southeast: bordering Thu Thiem new urban area
Paris Hoang Kim apartment project
Paris Hoang Kim apartment project
Paris Hoang Kim apartment project
Paris Hoang Kim apartment project
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