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Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Services in India

Glasier Inc.
13:42, perşembe, 15 eylül, 2022
Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Services in India

Glasier Inc. India is a professional hybrid app development company that is committed to offering end-to-end hybrid application solutions all around the globe. We work with advanced mobile frameworks, including PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter. We have delivered hundreds of mobile applications on platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and the web. We make sure to understand your requirements in-depth and provide companies with customized hybrid mobile applications which work seamlessly on various devices and save costs in development.


We are the best hybrid app development company in India. We provide robust, scalable & Flexible custom mobile app development that helps your business to reach new highs.


Our Services:


Glasier Inc. India provides a wide range of hybrid application development services that cater to startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Glasier Inc. India's services make sure the applications are secure, stable, scalable, and easy to use.


Hybrid Mobile App Development:


Hybrid app development ensures the creation of iOS and Android applications through a single code base. We use industry-leading frameworks like PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and IBM Worklight to create apps through an array of components, coding guidelines, and libraries.


Hybrid Application Design:


At Glasier Inc. India, we also provide a visually stunning user interface and application design, which includes thoughtful UX and provides an unforgettable experience to the user. We also offer User experience services which include user research, empathy mapping, scheduling interviews with users, understanding user problems, ems and providing possible solutions and features.


After a robust UX analysis, we move towards information architecture and create wireframes that can help all stakeholders to understand the visual appearance of the application. Post that, we create interfaces for the development team, which include insights from the users and make sure in a few touches only the user achieves their intention on the application. We constantly evolve in the User experience arena with the changing trends


Migration to Hybrid Frameworks


Hybrid applications have lean code, require less maintenance and a lot of companies are migrating their existing applications to hybrid app frameworks. We at Glasier Inc. India make sure to analyze your current app, create a robust migration plan, and migrate it to the new framework.


Quality Assurance & Testing


We measure and check the hybrid applications on various parameters like size, memory, space, scalability, and security and indulge in automated product testing services which include code review, load testing, functionality testing, and more.


Support & Maintenance:


Every application requires support and maintenance post-development, and we assure you that we are closely connected with our client after the development period. We help them to evolve their businesses and applications with the changing trends.




React Native App Development


Whether it's a video-based platform or an eCommerce app, React Native is the most preferred Hybrid App Development platform to create Android and iOS Apps which are secure and adaptable. We also create server-side APIs for seamless integration.


Xamarin App Development:


Xamarin is an industry-leading hybrid app development platform that brings .NET and C# to Android and iOS. We at Glasier Inc. India has a team of talented developers to build your enterprise application using Xamarin. Xamarin apps are high-performing applications that are both fast and easy to maintain.


Flutter App Development:


At Glasier Inc. India, you can hire Flutter developers in India, which are reliable and trustworthy. Google owns flutter, and the platform can manage both applications through a single code base. Flutter also allows the creation of custom widgets, which can make the app eye-catching on the Play Store and App Store.


Titanium App Development:


Titanium Framework is a robust enterprise-class hybrid application development platform that caters to large enterprise requirements. We add at Glasier Inc. India is well versed with the titanium framework and ensures stunning applications.


PhoneGap App Development:


PhoneGap is a leading hybrid app development platform that is also known for its lightweight code, power-packed features, and components. We at Glasier Inc. India have expertise in PhoneGap development and are highly recommended for enterprises.


Why choose Glasier Inc. India for Hybrid App Development?

  • Affordable rates for hybrid app development

  • Agile-based hybrid development and project methodology

  • Collaborative, transparent, and communicative client-focused approach

  • In-house, specialists: Software Engineers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers

  • Track record of successful projects and on-time delivery

  • Decades of technical expertise across multiple platforms and technology stacks


Seamless Integration


Our software developers follow the latest technology trends around the globe and are well versed with various technology-based frameworks to create outstanding mobile applications. We ensure that your app works across iOS, Android, Laptop, Desktop, and Wearables.


Blazing Fast Speed


Glasier Inc. India ensures that our mobile applications are fast and don't require high-speed internet for loading. We understand the various networks, and internet speeds across the world and cater to all network speeds, and consumers' devices.


Offline Apps


In various rural areas, the internet is not available. We create offline applications which can also store data using the device API and ensure a cost-effective offline application.


Wide Industry Exposure

Glasier Inc. India's app developers have produced successful mobile apps for a diverse range of use cases, including:

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps

  • M-Commerce Mobile Apps

  • Banking Mobile Apps

  • Outdoor Activities Mobile Apps

  • Healthcare Mobile Apps

  • Payment Mobile Apps

  • Education Mobile Apps

  • Taxi Hailing Mobile Apps

  • Social Media Mobile Apps

  • Entertainment Mobile Apps

  • Food Tech Mobile Apps

  • On-Demand Solutions Mobile Apps

  • Digital Content Mobile Apps:

  • IoT Management Mobile Apps:

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