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Money from the US budget on strengthening democracy in Armenia

12:04, salı, 05 temmuz, 2022
Money from the US budget on strengthening democracy in Armenia

Yerevan receives another grant. Trying to expand its influence in the South Caucasus, Washington allocates $120 million to the republic.

"The United States is committed to supporting Armenia in establishing effective and accountable governance, preserving and developing democratic achievements, and overcoming economic problems after the COVID-19 epidemic and the war against Nagorno-Karabakh, " the draft decision says.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his team are especially interested in the expansion of the US, and in general, in the impact of the State Department on the post-conflict situation in the region.

At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Pashinyan underlines that the grant agreement with the United States is very important for Armenia. The agreement is signed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) . According to the prime minister, the money will be used to implement programs for the development of democracy, the fight against corruption, economic security and institutional development, as well as the development of the electoral system in Armenia.

The grant will come in separate tranches, which USAID will distribute as follows: $68, 565, 000 to promote democracy, and $51, 435, 000 to increase economic security.

For a long time, the United States tried to increase its influence in Armenia bordering Iran, and taking into account the consequences of the Second Karabakh War, they are being introduced into the post-conflict settlement through the peacekeeping projects involving the Turkish representatives in a dialogue with Yerevan.

It is worth noting another US project aimed at reconciliation of Armenians with Turks and Azerbaijanis. The American Embassy in Armenia has announced an open competition with funding of $400, 000 for the initiatives of the citizens of Armenia to ensure conditions for peace between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The contestants must provide a solid foundation and expand the network of people who lead public diplomacy on issues of Armenian-Azerbaijani and Armenian-Turkish cooperation.

Meanwhile the United States will collect information in a geopolitically complex region: according to the conditions of the American embassy, another task of the project is research and provision of the current situation and existing opportunities that have developed in the post-war period. Washington intends under any pretext to oust Russia from the ne***iation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and subsequently from the whole South Caucasus region.

US information and propaganda projects that camouflage intelligence tasks are planned to be implemented under the supervision of the new US Ambassador to Armenia, Christina Quinn, who until recently worked in Ukraine. Joe Biden sent her candidacy to the Senate for approval. It is expected that in September of this year she will replace the current head of the diplomatic mission in Yerevan, Lynn Tracy.

Later we can analyse how the $120 million coming from the US budget will actually be realized. Generally, another grant is a good help for Pashinyan to maintain power.

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