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Top 9 Common Reasons For Divorce

13:23, perşembe, 02 haziran, 2022
Top 9 Common Reasons For Divorce

Divorce is very common in Canada, and almost half of all marriages end with a divorce or permanent separation. Commitment has been shown to be a clear factor for couples staying together. When you are no longer on good terms with your partner, divorce may be your best option. When the couple feels they have invested all they have in their relationship, they may finally decide that it is time to end the marriage. For this purpose, they consult divorce or separation lawyers to end their relationship.


There are many factors that increase the risk of divorcing a couple. It is necessary to learn about those factors.


Lack Of Commitment


Lack of commitment is one of the top reasons for divorce. It can seem vague and difficult to prove (or disprove), especially to those who are responsible for the problem. Outward signs are often associated with other reasons for divorce. Many people think that lack of commitment could be the main cause of divorce. Rather, they think that this is a problem underlying a range of more obvious problems.


Extra-Marital Affairs


When a person fulfils his/her physical or sexual desires from an outsider, it can upset a relationship. It is very difficult to regain trust when a partner feels betrayed.


Extramarital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of up to 40% of marriages and result in divorce. This is one of the most common causes of divorce. Anger and resentment, along with differences in sexual desire and lack of emotional intimacy, are common reasons for cheating.




Infidelity often begins with an innocent friendship. It begins as an emotional problem that later results in physical relations. It is also one of the legal grounds for divorce, apart from living more than a year away and exposing your partner to atrocities.



One of the largest reasons for divorce is the trust issue. It affects the mental health of your partner and creates differences between both the partners and ends their relationship by divorcing each other.


Financial Troubles


When couples disagree on how to manage their finances, it can lead to terrible problems. According to The divorce Company in Edmonton’s statistics, the reason for the "last straw" of divorce is financial incompatibility, causing nearly 41% of divorces.


Due to various consumption habits and economic goals, one spouse making significantly more money than the other can cause a power struggle and strain marriage to a breakdown. The Difference in the amount of money each partner brings to marriage leads to differences between couples.


Lack Of Communication


Communication is essential to marriage. If partners fail to communicate effectively, it leads them to resentment and frustration affecting all aspects of marriage.


On the other hand, good communication is the basis of a strong marriage. When partners live together, they must talk about their needs with each other, understand them, and try to meet them.


Not talking enough all day and making ugly comments to express yourself is an unhealthy way of communication that must be abandoned in marriage. Also, when a couple stops talking to each other, they feel isolated and lonely and completely stop worrying about each other. This can end the relationship. Lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons for 65% of divorces.


Constant Argument


Couples who repeat the same discussion in intervals often argue because they feel they have not been listened to or evaluated.


Many people find it difficult to understand the other person's point of view, which leads to constant arguments without finding a solution. This is the ultimate reason for the divorce of 57.7% of couples.


Unrealistic Expectations


It's easy to get married with high expectations, hoping that your spouse and marriage to be exactly the same as you thought of it. It is important to be realistic and practical. These false expectations can weigh heavily on others, disappointing you and failing your spouse. Although people don’t believe that this issue is genuine, false expectations can end your marriage.




There are many forms of abuse. Physical abuse is not the only thing people suffer when they get married. Other types of abuse include psychological abuse, financial abuse, etc. Domestic and emotional abuse are the most common types of abuse found in client divorce reports. Any form of abuse in marriage is a valid reason for divorce. Many people endure abuse for a long time, hoping that their partners might change, but when they fail to do so, it ultimately leads to divorce.



All the factors mentioned above are the reasons for divorcing your spouse. If you are facing issues in your marriage, The Divorce Company in Edmonton is here to help you. We help you in and your spouse reaching on an agreement in just a couple of meetings. Contact Us today for more details and follow certain guidelines for a smooth process.

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