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How Do Furnace And AC Work In The Same HVAC System?

13:25, çarşamba, 11 mayıs, 2022
How Do Furnace And AC Work In The Same HVAC System?

The term HVAC means you have the heating and cooling systems and other system components working together in the same unit. This kind of system by Nor-Can Heating and Air helps to provide you with optimal home comfort with reduced costs.


So both features of cooling and heating are produced from the same system, which is great for peace of mind. But if you upgraded one and did not upgrade the other, the HVAC system efficiency will be affected.


This is the reason why we want to discuss the topic above with you in this article. We are going to share with you how each system affects the other and how you can make them both work with efficiency and increase the overall system lifespan.


How AC And Furnaces Are Different Systems?


First, let's have a deep look and explain how both furnaces and AC are different systems in one unit. Then we will exemplify how both systems work together and how to fix each system issue.


Furnaces and air conditioners are the main systems in the HVAC unit. They vent and administer air circulating throughout your home. These systems are hooked together because they use the same infrastructure. Yet, they still function independently of each other.


This could be the reason why so many people have an issue understanding how both systems work together. To simplify it, you can think of your furnace and air conditioner as two stores, side by side on the same street.


Both shops use the street to make deliveries, but they’re still disconnected companies. Also, one store can be open when the other is closed. The same goes right for the furnace and air conditioner.


So, all in all, they use the same vents, but they’re not dependent on each other aside from that. But if you find yourself operating both systems at the same time to get the air pushing, this is a sign of big, costly problems.


The discussion thus far leads us to the question mostly asked by people. And it is, does the furnace need to be on for the AC to work?


The answer is No, the AC can run on its own, and the same applies to the furnace as well. Even if the AC is turned off, the furnace should be able to work perfectly. And the reverse is also true. This is because these systems are not designed to overlap.


How Do A Furnace And Air Condition Work Together!


Combining furnace and AC systems provides us with needed services like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. And there are other benefits like attaching one unit that serves you with these features.


For example, an HVAC unit makes it very easy to turn the air conditioning during the warm summer months. And turn the heater on when the temperatures drop until spring arrives.


Therefore, as we keep mentioning, these systems perform opposite operations, either cooling or heating your residence. But they both use your HVAC’s vents and ducts to move air throughout your home.


Benefits Of Using The HVAC System

  • For winter, turn on the furnace heat, and the blower circulates air through the home.

  • And AC is used for hot long summer days, and it helps the evaporator coil to remove heat and humidity.

  • They provide the needed coolness or warm air for your whole house concurrently.

  • The thermostat is the best in assisting you to set the temperature for your comfort.

  • The HVAC system makes your house air clean before recirculating it throughout the place.


When Upgrading Or Replacing A Furnace, Do You Need To Upgrade The AC?


Here, we must discuss replacing separately from upgrading the systems. The reason behind that is that when replacing a system, you are changing the existing furnace with a similar furnace system. It makes sense to do so.


Because of the power conservation and efficiency you attain by having equally fit systems, replacing one of the systems is good enough. But when you, for example, upgrade one of the systems, let's say AC. Here, you will face problems in energy saving and efficiency since the system is not equally fit and compatible with the rest of the HVAC.


Thus, you must have an expert HVAC contractor in Edmonton on board to help you assess your options. They will provide you with certified technicians who have the latest cooling and heating technologies to make sure you have energy-efficient and long-lasting solutions.


The Bottom Line


Whenever you notice any poor performance from either system, it’s time to reach out to an HVAC service provider in Edmonton near you. They have the experience and the training to solve the most complex situations.


Since furnaces and AC both use the same vents, thus, troubleshooting the issue will be easy with their experience. But if you try to solve the issue by yourself, there is a 50-50 chance of fixing it or ruining it.


So it’s very important to hire an experienced professional that can perfectly deal with air conditioner problems and furnace complexities. You must reach out to some trusted HVAC contractors immediately. They will immediately identify and solve any heating or cooling problem diligently.

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