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Is the non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide a decisive factor in the termination of the ne***iation process between Armenia and Turkey?

10:54, Суббота, 25 Сентября, 2021 года
Is the non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide a decisive factor in the termination of the ne***iation process between Armenia and Turkey?

Undoubtedly, the unblocking of regional communications is an integral factor in the development of the republic's economy and strengthening the general welfare of the people. But, as Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan emphasizes, we have been under blockade for more than 25 years.

Why is the attention of the country's leadership focused exactly right now on the "warming" in relations with Turkey, when there are a lot of other acute problems? What is the reason of hurry?

Erdogan and Aliyev do not intend to make concessions since they are not currently the losing side. What can turn the situation in favor of Armenia? The answer is simple: multilateral pressure on Turkey on the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

For Armenia, a more reasonable and advantageous option is to hold any ne***iations with a centuries-old enemy on the terms of equality, and not fawning.

Today, the recognition of the Genocide by the United Kingdom, Israel and the 50th US state of Mississippi is crucial, that will entail a wave of recognition of this atrocity by states around the globe.

For many years, the leading countries of the world have been using the factor of recognizing the Genocide as an instrument of punishing Turkey or bribing Armenia with promises. But now these powers are demonstrating their detachment from the events that are of key importance for the republic.

The United States, being a member of the OSCE Minsk Group, confines itself to statements about the need to resolve the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and develop Armenia's democratic institutions. That is absurd, since the republic risks losing its identity and sovereignty.

According to the information of the Armenian National Committee in the UK, published in July on the initiative of a member of the Labour Party, John Spellar, a bill on the recognition of the Genocide has been submitted to the British Parliament. According to the organization, the bill will be presented in the second reading and discussed in the House of Commons on December 10, 2021. The bill was inexplicably postponed for six months. Most likely, in anticipation of the Armenian-Turkish "denouement".

Monuments to the victims of the Genocide have been erected in Cardiff and in Wales. And that's fine. But they do not give significant support to Armenia in defending its own interests, and Turkey and Azerbaijan continue to remain unpunished.

It is advisable for the Armenian government to adopt approaches that will not jeopardize the country's supreme interests and its future.

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