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Сегодня:  Вторник, 19 Октября, 2021 года


Turkey forms a military tandem with Ukraine

11:07, Понедельник, 20 Сентября, 2021 года
Turkey forms a military tandem with Ukraine

While the world media, in an effort to find the hidden meaning of the sudden meeting of the presidents of Russia and Syria in Moscow, suggest a desire to put pressure on Turkey, Erdogan expresses his readiness to create a tandem with Ukraine on the Black Sea.

During the recent visit of a high-ranking delegation of the Turkish Ministry of Defense to Kiev, the issue of transferring part of the capacities of Ukrainian shipyards to Turkish companies that plan to place part of their military orders at the enterprises of Nikolaev and Odessa was considered.

The other day, a solemn ceremony of laying the first corvette intended for the naval forces of Ukraine was symbolically held in Turkey.

The increase in provocations on the Black Sea is a fact. If Russia does not respond to Turkey's activity in the immediate vicinity of its borders, it will be abnormal.

As part of the NATO program to support the combat capability of the Ukrainian fleet and create parity on the Black Sea, a number of countries also intend to transfer several warships to Kiev in the near future. In Ukraine, it is noted that the new ships are only the first stage on the path of the revival of the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry.

It is advantageous for Kiev to cover up internal problems with the "Russian threat" and draw an image of extreme need. After all, NATO invests a lot of money in the development of the Armed Forces.

Today, the Russian Black Sea Fleet is different from what it was after the collapse of the USSR. Now it consists of ships of the fourth generation, which are armed with Kalibr missile systems. The coastal defense system has been strengthened.

And while the joint exercises of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan are continuing in the Caspian Sea, Ankara is also drawing Kiev into this format of cooperation.

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