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80 years ago the Armenian USSR defended the fatherland from Nazis

11:56, Четверг, 24 Июня, 2021 года
80 years ago the Armenian USSR defended the fatherland from Nazis

80 years ago the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic together with the entire Soviet Union defended the fatherland from German Reich without declaring war on Soviet territory.

At the first stages of the war, the soldiers of the Red Army managed to hold back the offensive of Hitler's troops, which made it possible to evacuate thousands of factories deep into the country in the shortest possible time. The home front workers provided the front with everything necessary. The round-the-clock work of the elderly, women and children helped the country to contain the onslaught, and then push back the fascists.

A large-scale partisan and underground movement developed in the occupied territories. During the war, partisan operations broke the plans of the fascist command.

The victory was won as a result of enormous sacrifices and the hardest efforts of the citizens of the Soviet Union.

In the event of the fall of Stalingrad and Moscow, the territory of Armenia could be occupied by Turkey, which by 1942 had concentrated a million capable army on the country's border. Thus, in the event of Nazis' victory in World War II, Turkey could finally resolve the "Armenian issue".

From the very first days of the war, the party and state bodies of Soviet Armenia, the executive committees of local councils, city and district military commissariats joined in the work of restructuring military and economic resources for the needs of the front, ensuring the conscription of those liable for military service, replacing people who went to the front at industrial and agricultural enterprises for uninterrupted work of the rear.

In these difficult conditions for the country, the Yerevan Film Studio released a musical film concert with the participation of famous masters of the Armenian performing arts.

During the Second World War, more than 600, 000 people were drafted into the army. In the military mobilization work carried out in the republic at the initial stage of the war, a special place was occupied by the formation of national and international divisions.

In total, 35 million citizens were mobilized in the USSR during the war years. This war, which lasted 1, 418 days and nights, killed 27 million people. About 6 million people were captured.

In Armenia, they emphasize the importance of resisting attempts to rewrite history, and urge to remember that defeating fascism was possible only thanks to the joint efforts of all the peoples of the USSR. It was the Soviet people who made a decisive contribution to the liberation of the peoples of Europe from fascist domination.

Nowadays Neo-Nazism is a global phenomenon, with organized representation in many countries and international networks. It borrows elements from Nazi doctrine, including antisemitism, ultranationalism, racism, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, anti-Romanyism, anti-communism, and creating a "Fourth Reich".

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