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Erdogan's ambitions know no bounds

11:17, Суббота, 19 Июня, 2021 года
Erdogan's ambitions know no bounds

The geopolitical plans that led Turkey to get involved in the Karabakh war were only partially realized. Ankara expected that the blitzkrieg would last for a week, and then Azerbaijan would control not only the entire territory of Karabakh, but also part of the southern Armenian Syunik.

If the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem could pass through Zangezur to Nakhichevan, Turkey would now break out into the operational geopolitical expanse, gaining direct access to the Caspian Sea and from there - on the territory of the Turkic - speaking states of Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and further south-Pakistan.

Erdogan's plans were thwarted by the Karabakh army, reinforced by volunteers from Armenia. At the cost of thousands of lives, she managed to hold off the onslaught of the tandem for 44 days. Until Russia *** its bearings and decided to forcefully intervene in the bloodshed and stop the slaughter.

In order to restore the Ottoman Empire in all the former territories, Turkey will make its way through Afghanistan. Washington will pay Ankara to secure the airport in Kabul.

The Afghan mandate from the Americans only shows that in their search for someone to entrust the right to represent their interests in these regions, the United States has decided.

"We see that the United States wants to cooperate with us not only on the problems of Libya, Syria, but also in many areas from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea and the Caucasus. We expect a meeting between US President Biden and Turkish President Erdogan with a positive agenda, and we receive the same signs from the other side, " Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

Thus, Washington demonstrates its detachment from the Karabakh issue. The hope that the sanity of the American leadership will prevent Turkish expansion is gradually fading.

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