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Lukoil, a Russian oil company, has opened a 20-megawatt solar farm

17:57, Среда, 16 Июня, 2021 года
Lukoil, a Russian oil company, has opened a 20-megawatt solar farm

Lukoil, a Russian oil and gas company, has turned on its second solar park in the southern Volgograd region.

The 20-megawatt project was developed at an oil refinery, with PV modules supplied by Hevel Solar of Russia. A spokeswoman for the business told PV magazine, "The PV plant consists of 60, 000 polycrystalline modules with a power output of 330 [W] and 335 [W] apiece." "Under a 15-year contract, this facility will deliver its capacity to the wholesale power and capacity market at a discounted rate."

The complex is situated on a 50-hectare plot of land that used to be an oil refinery and consists of 17 underutilized locations.

In 2018, Lukoil opened its first solar farm in Russia, with a capacity of 10 megawatts. This plant is located at Lukoil’s Volgograd Refinery on land that is not used in the manufacturing process.

The oil company also has two 9-megawatt solar power plants in Romania and a 1.3-megawatt PV plant in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian facility received a 12-year FIT, whereas the Romanian facility in Ploiesti was developed under the green certificate scheme of the country.

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