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Tactics of election campaigners in Armenia

13:13, Среда, 16 Июня, 2021 года
Tactics of election campaigners in Armenia

The official campaign for early elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia has started. The Central Election Commission has registered 4 electoral blocs and 22 parties as participants in the upcoming campaign. This is a record number of participants in the election campaign, which promises to be more than competitive. According to the current legislation, the Parliament of the new convocation must have at least representatives of 4 parties.

The campaign is covered by numerous private TV, radio and Internet media outlets that are financially dependent on various political and business circles.

In fact, the campaign is now in its third week. On the one hand, there is a massive use of administrative resources on the part of Pashinyan and the "Civil Contract", and on the other – some of the other participants of the campaign, who have significant financial resources, are promoted under the lenses of TV cameras in the regions, in open areas and in a chamber setting.

In his campaign, Pashinyan is doing everything to virtually dump the burden of responsibility for the disgrace in Artsakh on the previous authorities and Russia. The traitor's initial attempt to relieve himself of the burden of capitulation by reducing the importance of the lost lands did not work. Now he will play the only one of all the leaders of Armenia who tried to save Artsakh, but therefore lost it.

Robert Kocharian, is increasingly appearing, using expressions and a manner of communication that is understandable to the electorate. Kocharyan seeks to impose his own agenda.

Gagik Tsarukyan's tactic is simple-to gain from 7 to 10%, and after counting the votes, help either Kocharyan or Pashinyan form a government, depending on who approaches the 40% mark.

Ter-Petrosyan's entire campaign is based on the "I told you so" principle. The main trump card is the work of the power resource on its agenda. Given the fatigue of Ter-Petrosyan himself and the concentration of the most active young collaborators from among his students in the Pashinyan camp, the probability of gaining serious percentages is low.

The National Conservative Movement 5165 party is gaining popularity due to the activities of Karin Tonoyan. The presence of professionals from the former functionaries of "My Step" gives the movement the opportunity to play on the field of those who voted for Nikol at the time, but were disappointed, and do not want to vote for Pashinyan's radical opponents.

5165 can be a healthy alternative to Sasna Tsrer, whose nationalism manifests itself only in an irresistible desire to serve the interests of American friends and undermine Russia's presence in the region. Tonoyan and his colleagues are working much more pragmatically and exclusively on the Armenian agenda.

Edmon Marukyan chose the "against all" tactic, trying to gain percentages among 45% of undecided voters. One of Pashinyan's main potential coalition partners.

In general, on the eve of the start of the campaign, the situation in the country's press can not be called healthy and adequate. In particular, the National Commission on Television and Radio appealed to the media not to create new dividing lines by their activities, but to promote the formation of public solidarity before the elections. The statement notes an unhealthy atmosphere in the media, characterized by mutual insults, misinformation, manipulation and aggression: "The media field has become an arena of "fights without rules", where the priority is the obsession to win at any cost, to destroy the enemy, and not a platform for the free presentation of programs, ideas and concepts."

If, following the results of the elections, the parties and blocs that passed to the parliament are unable to form a ruling coalition, then a second round of voting may be held a month later with the participation of the two parties/blocs that took the first two places following the results of the vote on June 20.

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