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Who is the owner of the sovereignty of Armenia?

12:00, Понедельник, 31 Мая, 2021 года
Who is the owner of the sovereignty of Armenia?

In order to preserve its sovereignty, Armenia needs to limit at the legislative level the instruments of influence of NGOs on the internal processes in the republic.

NGOs were directly involved in the organization of the Velvet revolution 3 years ago. No one even hides it. They continue to act based on their own goals. There are many think tanks working for them, and the fact that they need Armenia is evidenced by the sums they have spent - five and a half billion dollars over several years.

Today, Armenia is flooded not only with "ideological agents of influence", but also with trivial"spies". The state system is at the mercy of traitors recruited by various special services and organizations. When we mention, relatively speaking, Soros and his structures involved in Armenia, we must understand that they do not act on their own. There is cooperation with the CIA, the State Department.

For 30 years, in the face of external pressure, Armenia tried to lead the country independently, but today, obviously, all spheres of the republic's life have experienced a terrible decline: the economy, social structure, science, education.

Ultra-liberal state formations can exist only with a population that has little understanding. In Ukraine, the number of researchers has decreased by 100 thousand in three years, and in Georgia today they do not talk about science at all, because it is practically absent.

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