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The consequences of military exercise Defender Europe 2021

12:03, Четверг, 01 Апреля, 2021 года
The consequences of military exercise Defender Europe 2021

The command of the US Army in Europe and Africa announced the deployment of large-scale exercises Defender Europe 21 with the participation of up to 30 thousand troops from 26 countries. The maneuvers will cover 30 polygons in 12 European countries. The declared goals are to increase strategic and operational readiness, to develop interaction between the United States, allies and NATO partners.

Earlier, the Commander of the US Army Europe and Africa, General Christopher Cavoli, stressed that Defender Europe 21 provides an excellent opportunity to hone the ability to collectively respond to any crisis in the strategically important region of the Balkans and the Black Sea. The geography of the crisis is not limited to this. Troops deploy the main land and sea routes connecting Europe (including the Baltic states), Asia and Africa. During the maneuvers, new and high-tech capabilities will be used, including air defense systems, missile defense systems, assets of the US National Guard (2, 100 troops from five states) and the recently revived Pentagon V Army Corps (deployed in Poland) .

The planned transfer of military personnel and 1, 200 pieces of military equipment and equipment from the United States to four European seaports begins in March. Arms and supplies of the US Army, previously stationed at bases in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, will be reactivated in April, and at the same time American soldiers will begin to receive airports in 12 European countries. The peak of activity is scheduled for May, with the Immediate Response, Saber Guardian, Swift Response exercises, as well as the associated African Lion and Steadfast Defender, taking place in a single operational space. In Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, four airborne operations with the participation of 7, 000 troops will be carried out. From mid-May to early June, more than 13, 000 soldiers from 19 countries will perform live firing during air defense-missile defense operations. All Baltic states are involved in the exercise. Among the partner countries, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and also Armenia are actively involved. Defender Europe 21 maneuvers will end in June. Unless the pandemic corrects itself, as it happened last year.

Judging by the concept of Defender Europe 21, the main military adversary of the United States and NATO is the Russian Federation. In reality, Europeans are most threatened by Washington's anti-Russian obsession. Provocative multinational maneuvers led by the US Army near Russian borders objectively destroy the European security system. Nobody has for***ten how the Pentagon created and resolved crises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia. The idea of Defender Europe 21 as a whole resembles a rehearsal of the Third World War, but the impression is spoiled by weak direction.

More than 50 European countries (including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, the Baltic countries, Turkey) are in the area of responsibility of the US Army Command in Europe and Africa. Most of them did not ask for it. The responsibility entrusted to the Pentagon is clearly not in line with its capabilities, and threatens dependent countries. Today, the Europeans, under the leadership of the US Army, are "calculating" plans for joint military operations against Russia, ignoring the failed Middle East experience and the technological inconsistency of the multinational military machine (the Pentagon, NATO and partners) . "Defenders of Europe" do not think about the European scale of possible military losses, about the disasters and hardships of the civilian population.

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