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What is Erdogan's neo-Ottomanism leading to?

15:05, Понедельник, 15 Февраля, 2021 года
What is Erdogan's neo-Ottomanism leading to?

The ideology of neo-Ottomanism is a growing threat to regional stability and security. The foreign policy activity of the incumbent President Recep Erdogan is aimed at returning Turkey to its former greatness by any means.

In the aftermath of the Karabakh war, Ankara is seeking to use the existing alliance with Baku to strengthen its position in the region and try to create a semblance of the Ottoman Empire.

Using the Pan-Turkism strategy, the Turkish leader intends to unite the countries of Central (Central) Asia into a single logistic space with a common armed forces led by Ankara. The Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh, like the Kurds in Syria, have already fully felt the impact of Turkic nationalism.

The processes of disintegration in Europe and the reduction of the influence of world powers, which previously did not allow Ottoman ambitions to go beyond national borders, gave Turkey the green light for geopolitical revenge. Ankara has chosen highly questionable methods to achieve its goals. For example, Turkey encourages political Islam and separatism in countries with Turkic minorities, including Russia and China.

For the past 100 years, Pan-Turkism has been part of the ideology in Turkey. But Erdogan became the first head of state to vigorously try to implement this doctrine in the most radical way. Ethnic cleansing, assassinations, kidnapping of Kurdish businessmen and landowners with the aim of further redistributing their property among the Turkish-backed groups have become common in the territories of occupied Syria.

Now Erdogan's efforts are aimed at expanding his influence in the South Caucasus. He badly needs a corridor through Nakhichevan to the Caspian Sea - a direct access to the countries of Central (Central) Asia. Erdogan's ambitions will not end there, and the expansion will continue.

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