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New houses for people of Artsakh

11:49, Четверг, 17 Декабря, 2020 года
New houses for people of Artsakh

A month after the destructive war, Artsakh is gradually reviving. There is an operational headquarters in Yerevan, that deals with the solution of social problems.

Residents from Armenia are returning to the republic, which lost more than 70% of its territory during the war. According to official data, more than 40 thousand people have already returned. Many of them feel complete uncertainty. Citizens hope that by the new year life will get better, as much as possible. Schools, shops, hotels and catering facilities are already operating in Stepanakert. Public transport has been restored.

The damage to the civilian infrastructure of the republic is currently being assessed. Objects that were completely or partially destroyed as a result of the war were counted. There are over 2800 of them, of which about 250 cannot be restored. The power transmission line between Armenia and Artsakh was damaged, that provided the republic with electricity. There is no financial assessment of the damage caused yet.

The leadership of the republic promises to solve the problem with the housing stock in the near future by building 8, 000 new modular houses. The project is estimated at $300-400 million. Construction work is planned to be completed in 2.5 years.

Remaining in power, Prime Minister Pashinyan should look for mechanisms to increase the state budget after the war in Artsakh, commensurate with the budgets of other countries in the region.

Meanwhile, the Artsakh authorities, in particular the Ministry of Urban Development, appealed to the Russian government to provide the necessary financial assistance. Construction materials are already coming from Russia for reconstruction work, in which Russian peacekeepers are involved. Work is being actively carried out to clear the areas.

Of course, the restoration of the republic requires a lot of time, effort and financial resources. Now is the time to concentrate them here, and not on inciting hatred and enmity.

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