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The Priority Tasks of Armenia

10:55, Вторник, 08 Декабря, 2020 года
The Priority Tasks of Armenia

The tragedy of Armenia was the result of a long and unconditional lie. The brilliant victory of thirty years ago, that revealed the absolute superiority of the Armenian army over the Azerbaijani one, made one think that this superiority was forever (especially after the victory in the April 2016 four-day war) . Indeed, the army of Karabakh, with a strength ratio of 1: 10, was able to disrupt the blitzkrieg of the Azerbaijani-Turkish army. But still there was defeat ahead. The reason for this is the military-technical and organizational backwardness of the Armenian army.

It's time to reveal the deep reasons of the catastrophe, to show all the criminality of the current fifth column and all kinds of totalitarian religious sects and the LGBT community, to reveal the sources of their funding and their addressees, who have entrenched themselves in the power structures for more than two and a half years. And finally, to find constitutional foundations for further actions of the opposition factions, the implementation of which will lead to the dissolution of the National Assembly of the 7th convocation.

After the dissolution of the RA National Assembly, the political forces of Armenia should come up with programs to get Armenia out of the deep social and political crisis into which the Armenian society was plunged after the coup d'etat in the country.

In foreign policy issues, the popular movement for a new Union of Armenia with Russia and Belarus, which can become the foundation for the revival of the republic, will soon gain popularity. The cooperation of the efforts of the three sovereign states of Armenia-Russia-Belarus in various fields, including the military, raising the living standards of the peoples, ensuring the sustainable development of the participating states by increasing their potentials, as well as the use of market mechanisms will benefit everyone.

The war showed that a strong Armenia can only be in an alliance with Russia on equal terms. The Russia-Armeniamilitary-strategic alliance has already been confirmed by the signatures of the presidents of the two countries.

Therefore, we are talking about restrictions on economic independence, the one that, in fact, we lost without any participation of Russia or Belarus.

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