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A guide to the very best Facebook games of 2020.

Feriha Moore
Feriha Moore
19:30, Среда, 02 Декабря, 2020 года
A guide to the very best Facebook games of 2020.

When we think about social media platforms nowadays, the first one to pop into our mind is Instagram. But, there was a time when Instagram wasn’t even a name in the social media industry, and the market was dominated by none other than Facebook. Earlier, Facebook was only used as a messenger app, but now that the market has seen many other social media platforms, the operators of Facebook decided that its time to take this experience to a new level. That is when the operators of Facebook added the game feature to its otherwise messenger app. Some of the most famous Facebook games include slotomania, house of fun, clash of clans, etc.


An inside into the most famous games of Facebook.


Instead of being overshadowed by the new generation of social media platforms, the operators of Facebook decided to re-engage their audience and bring in some new ones, by introducing several games that can be played through one's Facebook id. Anyone having an account on Facebook is allowed to play these games, as long as they have access to the internet. The main feature of these games that adds to its appeal is that all the available games can be played free of cost, which means the players need to spend not even a penny to get entertained.


Below is a list of the very best Facebook games of 2020:


l Slotomania: Slotomania is one of the best additions to the world of Facebook games this year. With its slots feature, players don't have to keep on pressing all the boring buttons, but the interesting one of the slots. Players are rewarded with free chips for every win, and this game is available for the players to play both, on their desktops through the official Facebook site or on their devices through its mobile apps.

l Trivia Crack: For nerds all over the world, Facebook has its fair share of interesting games, one of which is the Trivia Crack. It is simply an all-around question-answer game on Facebook. It offers about ix sections for the players to choose from, and then that particular player is asked questions related to that section only.

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