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What are the accidents that can get you an accident at work claim

arrius lion
arrius lion
11:24, Вторник, 10 Ноября, 2020 года
What are the accidents that can get you an accident at work claim

Accidents at work have become a common thing for the workers. As a matter of fact, hundreds get injured daily due to accidents in the UK. That is why you should stay a bit vigilant. Not only this, but when an accident at work occurs, one needs to look towards filing an accident at work claim. Now, getting an accident at work claim is not an easy task. Still, it depends on the type of accidents. So, what is a work injury claim, and what type of accidents can get you a claim?


What Is An Accident At Work Claim?

Well, an accident at work claim is a request that you make to an insurance company to get the compensation amount for the injuries you have suffered. The amount of compensation is not only for the injury, but for the amount of money you have spent on your medical charges as well. Therefore, here are the accidents that can get you the right amount of claim.


1- Strip, Trip, And Falls

Whether you work in a shop, an office, or a factory, you can always encounter surfaces that are slippery at some point. That is why you need to stay a bit vigilant, because, these accidents may seem minor, but do not take them lightly. Therefore, stay away from slippery surfaces.

Another big risk for many is falling while working at height; falls from ladders are most common, but falls from scaffolding and other platforms can also be dangerous


2- Muscle Strain

If you are a worker at a construction company or at a factory, you must have suffered from this injury. Strained muscles are a common workplace injury. If you lift heavy items regularly, you will probably be familiar with it. The most common types of muscle strains are back and neck strains.


You can avoid these injuries with ease. You just have to take some basic training on how to lift heavy items properly. This will make a big difference, and you can work with safety.


3- Being hit by falling objects

Falling of objects is another major accident you can suffer from at your workplace. This work injury is among the most dangerous injuries. As a matter of fact, if you suffer from this injury, you will get the accident at work claim quicker than the other injuries.


If you are a worker at a construction site, please watch out. If a heavy object falls on you, you may lose your life as well. That is why you should stay vigilant. Besides, if you are an employee in an office, you can still be on the receiving end of some objects. For example, you can get hit by objects such as scissors, metal rulers, and pens.


4- Repetitive strain injury

If you are looking for injured at work in the UK, then this injury can get you a high amount. RSI is an accident that has become common at work over the years. Although, some employers may not take it seriously. It is these employers you can file your injury at work claim against.


The RSI is an injury that occurs when you use the keyboards regularly. Not only this, but this injury can also occur due to any repetitive motion of the joints.


If you report these injuries to your employer, and your employer does not take it seriously, you can file the accident at work claim against your employer.

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