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NATO continues to ignore Turkish activity in Karabakh

13:08, Среда, 28 Октября, 2020 года
NATO continues to ignore Turkish activity in Karabakh

The question of NATO's responsibility for the tragic events in the Nagorno-Karabakh region is currently postponed. Meanwhile the North Atlantic Alliance ignores Turkey's involvement in the resumption of hostilities between the parties to the conflict on September 27. With the second largest army in the alliance, Turkey plays a special role in the supply of weapons and the training of the Azerbaijani army, as well as in sending militants and commanding the operation.

Turkey has been responsible for the genocide of an entire nation for more than a century. This NATO country continues the same policy of extermination. For a long time, Erdogan has been quite openly promoting the slogan: "One nation, two states". If the pan-Turkic plans for Azerbaijan come true, Azerbaijanis will lose their original culture and become Turks. Obviously, the merger of one people into one state is part of the strategy of the Neo-Ottoman sultan Erdogan. Therefore, the territory of Karabakh is "a tasty morsel".

However, despite the superiority in weapons, the planned Azerbaijani blitzkrieg is not being implemented. The Artsakh Defense Army and the Armenian Armed Forces surprise with their courage, skills and professionalism.

NATO leadership reacted to the ongoing bloodshed by expressing concern. A joint appeal was made by US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Erdogan believes that the call for an end to hostilities is completely unacceptable. Turkey is ready to fight for Azerbaijan not only in the diplomatic field, but also on the battlefields. Numerous Turkish military advisers, who in fact became the shadow leaders of the operation, and Turkish aviation, which was already directly taking part in hostilities, testify to Turkey's unofficial participation in the war.

The fact of the transfer of thousands of mercenaries from Libya and Syria by Turkey to Azerbaijan was clearly recorded not only by the Armenian, but also by the Russian and French intelligence services.

Restoring "territorial integrity" in such a barbaric way, neither Aliyev nor Erdogan said a word about what would become of the population of Artsakh after the "liberation of these territories from the Armenian occupation"?

Of course, in order to avoid accusations of a new genocide in the future, it will be possible to blame everything on religious fanatics who have brutalized with blood - mercenaries, who officially do not seem to exist in Azerbaijan, but then they will somehow appear.

It is appropriate to draw an analogy here: if a violently insane escaped from the madhouse, the leadership of the medical institution bears responsibility for the crimes committed by him. If NATO does not want to take responsibility for the genocide and destruction of people, whose crime is that they are fighting for the right to life, then the leadership of the alliance must clearly understand that the situation is not with faded appeals, concern and other phraseological phrases. change, especially since Neo-Sultan Erdogan falls into a manic frenzy at the sight of blood.

While Erdogan is trying to explain Turkey's geopolitical claims not only with pragmatism, but also looking for highly moral motives, such as historical justice, ideological and religious values, it is high time for Mr. Stoltenberg and his team to move from empty words to deeds and pacify the neosultan with all available methods.

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