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Can you file a claim for back pain at work and win?

arrius lion
arrius lion
10:47, Пятница, 09 Октября, 2020 года
Can you file a claim for back pain at work and win?

Back pain has the ability to affect your life and health in a dramatic way. If your back was injured while at work, you may be wondering "I hurt my back at work can I claim?". The good news is if your injuries were the result of negligence from your employer then you may be able to file for back pain at work claim. Below are some of the tips that might be of use if you are thinking of filing worker's comp stress claim.


What does the law say?

Many people think that if they file workers comp claim they are jeopardizing their working relationship. But it is important to remember that every employer in the UK is required by law to hold employers liability insurance. This means should the employee become injured and wish to bring a claim for compensation any payout will come out from the insurer. This means that the payout would not come from the pockets of the employer. Employers are not allowed to dismiss employees from bringing back pain at work claims against them. If your employer attempts to do that you would have grounds to bring a claim for unfair dismissal.


How can you build up your case?

Let’s go over a couple of things that you can do which should only help to strengthen your confidence to file Workmans comp.

  • Visual evidence: Just in case the accident was not caught on CCTV, you should take photographs of the accident location. This should include what it was that specifically caused the accident to occur.

  • Witnesses: You should also make a note of anybody who witnessed the accident. Get their contact details in case a statement needs to be taken from them at a later date.

  • Accident report: Ensure that an accident report is completed in your workplace accident report book. Check this over at the time to make sure that no details were omitted.

  • Medical assessments: Have your injuries assessed by a medical professional. Make a note to when this assessment took place as this will make it much easier to get a hold of records at a later date.

  • Expenses: You should keep a record of all expenses incurred as a result of your accident. This includes travel expenses, care costs, medical costs, the cost of any personal items damaged in the accident along with any loss of earnings. All of these may be able to claim back if you win your back pain at work claim.


Why should you hire a personal injury claim expert?

The circumstances of each case are never the same and whether you have a valid claim it’s always advisable to talk to an insurance specialist. Most of the personal injury claims specialists offer free friendly advice on no win no fee injury at work claims. This means that there’s not a penny to pay if you lose. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire claims specialists for your case;

  • Personal injury claims specialists know all the tricks that can win you the workplace accident compensation claim. They have years of experience up their sleeves. Having such support by your side can go a long way in head injury at work claim.

  • Most of the specialists work on no win no fee basis. This means that you would not have to pay them a penny if they do not win you the case. So, you would get legal help and support free of charge. There is no risk. But be sure to go over an agreement before hiring an expert.

  • You would also avoid committing unnecessary mistakes if you hire a personal injury claim expert. These specialists know all the procedures. They will help you gather strong evidence.

  • Personal injury claims specialists know how to deal with claims adjusters. Claims adjusters are sent by the insurance companies. Their job is to lessen the amount of payout for back pain at work claims as much as possible. They actually get a commission from the amount they save from a head injury at work claim. So, when the claims adjusters visit they try to weaken your claim as much as possible. They try to prove that the injury that you sustain didi not occur because of the negligence of your employer. Hiring a work injury claims specialist would solve this problem as well.

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