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Determine what will probably be used for.

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Determine what will probably be used for.

The ball valve design features a hollowed-out ball that acts because disc that enables the flow of media. Mostly for non-slurry applications, ball valves like dual wafer check valve can also be suited for applications which require tight shut-off. The quick opening and closing on the ball ensure it is important in some applications which need media isolation. Ball valves can be used in low-pressure applications. In a nutshell, ball valves are fantastic for control and treating media with minimal pressure drop.


Before selecting your valve, you need to determine what will probably be used for. Will it be utilized to regulate a fluid or stop its flow?It is then important to verify any type of media that could circulate from the system: would it be a gas or perhaps a liquid? Is the media corrosive, chemically neutral, a food product or even a medical fluid that will need special hygiene conditions?


When looking at the operation system from the valve it is very important know whether it be powered manually or automatically. In one case, someone should be on-site to function the valve, while inside the other case the valve could be operated remotely, coming from a control station by way of example.

In the double-disk parallel-seat type, the valve is closed by decreasing the disks from your valve neck to some height corresponding to that on the valve seats. Once so positioned, an inclined plane mounted between two disks converts downward stem force into axial force and presses the parallel disks firmly up against the valve seats sealing both the openings. These kinds of valve design can accommodate asymmetric or angularly misaligned valve seats. Parallel gate valves are found in low pressure drops and low pressures, and where tight shutoff will not be an important prerequisite.


You must identify the operating temperature, i.e. the temperature with the circulating media, and also the ambient temperature across the valve body. It is important to understand the extreme temperatures the valve will need to undergo in order to become able to go with a valve built to operate under these conditions, especially with regard towards the materials employed for the manufacture on the body, the closure system plus the sealing parts.


The operating pressure, i.e. pressure the media circulates at inside the valve.The fluid flow rate plus the flow velocity. Flow rate and nominal speed are crucial elements that will help choose the appropriate valve, especially when it is to become used to modify this flow rate. The flow factor (Kv) can be a theoretical value defined through the manufacturer which allows the nominal flow rate with the valve to become calculated.

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