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Hiding Your Online Activity Ensures Security

16:12, Пятница, 08 Мая, 2020 года
Hiding Your Online Activity Ensures Security
     When the Internet began to be used, no one could imagine what its future would really be. There was certainly a before and an after. Today, we can do everything and send and receive all kinds of files. However, many people do not know what IP is, how information travels over the Internet, and what happens when we are using the networks.
What is IP

     Internet Protocol, or Internet Protocol in Spanish, is the identification of your device. Just as you have a document number and your phone has a unique number, devices have a number that gives them identity within a network.
     If you ask what IP is, we can say straight out that it's a device ID. The IP address consists of four numbers of up to three digits, which are separated by a dot. The numbers can vary from 0, zero, and 255.
Public and Private Networks

     IP addresses can be public or private. Public ones are visible to everyone. Generally, your Internet provider is the one who assigns it. Private networks have hidden IP addresses. The latter consist of unassigned IP addresses and are used to connect to hosts, public networks, and so on.
The Information Path

     Information travels over the Internet in data packages. This is called routing and is what allows any information to reach its destination. It can be within a network or networks connected to each other. Of course, the Internet knows who is sending the information, what is its origin and its destination. But what is that information used for?
The Use of Information

     The use made of the information is extensive. Some beneficial uses involve tracking network activity to protect users from malware, hackers, and discovering security holes.
On the other hand, there are different methods to monitor web activity for not so innocent purposes. An excellent example of this is cookies, which are used to see what sites you enter and when you visit them. Generally, this is used to view your web behavior and then offer you products of interest. This is just one example of how a portion of what we do on the web is used.

Hide Your Web Activity With The VeePN

     There is an effective, legitimate, and safe way to hide what you do on the web and avoid tracking. You know what IP is, how it travels, and how your information is used. You also know about cyber attacks and leaks that use your information to harm users and take advantage of them. Now is the time to take care of your Internet security.
     To find out your IP, go to view my IP on VeePN. This address can be easily modified by masking the identification with a VPN. Download VeePN software and enjoy many benefits for privacy and security while you browse.
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