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Celebrating Easter in Armenia in 2019

11:33, Понедельник, 11 Марта, 2019 года
Celebrating Easter in Armenia in 2019

     The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Easter - Holy Christ's Resurrection - on the next Sunday after the full moon from March 21st to April 26th. Ancient spiritual Sharakans sound in the temples and traditional Easter tables are laid in the houses of believers.

Easter in Armenia

The feast of Holy Resurrection is also called Easter, which means deliverance, deliverance from sins and returns to God. Easter is considered to be one of the greatest holidays of the Old and the New Testament.

Easter celebration in Armenia

The night before Easter the churches serve the Holy Liturgy of Easter, and the celebrations begin. Greeting each other, Christians say: "Christ has risen from the dead!" - "Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ!".

The traditions of Easter celebration in Armenia are very interesting. In Armenia, as in many other countries, it is a great tradition to paint eggs at Easter. Usually, the eggs are painted red, because this colour is considered to symbolize the colour of Jesus Christ’s blood.

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Easter in Armenia 2019 date

This year, in 2019 Easter in Armenia is going to be celebrated on April 21, so make sure to visit Armenia during this date!
     Here are the upcoming dates of Easter in Armenia:

Year Date of Easter celebration
     2019 April 21
     2020 April 12
     2021 April 4
     2022 April 17
     2023 April 9
     2024 March 31
     2025 April 20

Holy Easter tour in Armenia

Easter, also known as Zatik among Armenians, is one of the greatest events in the life of Armenians – the first Christian nation, so imagine how luxurious and gorgeous Armenians do celebrate Easter!

So Gardman Tour is ready to give you the best memories of the best visit to Armenia during Easter! Do not hesitate, just learn more about our tour packages!

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