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14:28, Пятница, 15 Августа, 2014 года

"Relation of Astronomy to other Sciences, Culture and Society" meeting is devoted to the role of astronomy in science, culture and other fields of human activity and development of these fields due to the knowledge obtained from the Universe. In modern era, astronomy is probably the field of science, which plays a leading role in the formation and development of interdisciplinary sciences. For a long time the astrophysics has reached high level of development, recently new
     science disciplines have been created, such as astrochemistry, astrobiology, astroinformatics, astrolinguistics, archaeoastronomy plays important role in culture and in the heritage of nations, chronologies and calendars created on the basis of astronomical knowledge, etc. Astronomy also plays an important role in the development of scientific tourism and scientific journalism.
     The meeting is aimed at the development of problems of interdisciplinary sciences in Armenia and preparation of a basis for further possible collaborations by means of presentations of available modern knowledge in various areas by experts from different professions and by joint discussions.
     · Astronomical heritage of Armenian
     · Ancient astronomy
     · Astronomy in the Middle Ages
     · Astronomy in ancient cultures
     · Ethnoastronomy
     · Astronomical bases of Philosophy
     · Religion and Astronomy
     · The problem of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
     · Solar activity and global warming
     · Astronomy and Astrology
     · Practical use of Astronomy
     · Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics
     · Astronomy and Space Flights
     · Astronomy in Folklore and Poetry
     · Astronomy in Arts
     · Astronomy in Fashion
     · Astrolinguistics
     · Astroheraldry

· Scientific Tourism
     · Scientific Journalism
     · Amateur Astronomy
     · Astronomical Education
     · Popular Astronomy

Organizers and sponsors

     National Academy of Sciences RA (NAS RA)
     NAS RA Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)
     Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)
     RA Ministry of Education and Science
     RA State Committee for Science (SCS)
     RA Ministry of Culture
     Yerevan State University (YSU)
     "Matenadaran" Institute of ancient manuscripts after Mesrop Mashtots


     National Academy of Sciences RA (NAS RA)
     NAS RA Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)
     Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)
     RA State Committee for Science (SCS)
     Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)
     Radik Martirosyan (NAS RA) – Chair
     Armen Ashotyan (RA Ministry of Education and Science)
     Yuri Chilingaryan (NAS RA)
     Haik Harutyunian (BAO, ArAS)
     Samvel Harutyunyan (SCS)
     Areg Mickaelian (BAO, ArAS)
     Elena Nikoghosyan (BAO, ArAS)
     Elma Parsamian (BAO, ArAS)
     Hasmik Poghosyan (RA Ministry of Culture)
     Aram Simonyan (YSU)
     Yuri Suvaryan (NAS RA)
     Hrachya Tamrazyan (Matenadaran)


     To register please complete the online registration form, including title and abstract of the presented talk/poster and submit to the meeting organizers (Areg Mickaelian aregmick@yahoo.am, Sona Farmanyan sona.farmanyan@mail.ru):
     Proceedings of meeting
     The Proceedings of the meeting will be published as an individual book by NAS RA publishing house. The deadline for submission of papers is November 30, 2014. Haik Harutyunian and Areg Mickaelian are the editors. Number of allocated pages:
     Invited talks 10 pages
     Contributed talks 6 pages
     Posters 2 pages
     Details will be given during the meeting.
     Dates and deadlines

     02.08.2014 Meeting webpage and First Announcement
     07.09.2014 Deadline for registration and submission of contributions
     14.09.2014 Notification of authors on the acceptance of contributions
     19.09.2014 Meeting program availabe
     07-09.10.2014 Meeting "Relation of Astronomy to other Sciences, Culture and Society"
     30.11.2014 Deadline for submission of papers for the Proceedings


     Official webpage: http://www.aras.am/Meetings/RASCS/index.html
     Areg Mickaelian – Co-Chair of LOC
     Phone: 010-525505, 091-195914, e-mail: aregmick@yahoo.am
     Sona Farmanyan
     Phone: 010-525505, 055-911307, e-mail: sona.farmanyan@mail.ru

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