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14:17, Пятница, 15 Августа, 2014 года

In frame International Centre for Relativistic Astrophysics Network in Armenia (ICRANet), a
     summer school and international scientific conference dedicated to the issues of Relativistic
     Astrophysics were held in Armenia from June 28 to July 4. During the summer school (on June 28
     and 29) in the guest house of the National Academy of Sciences of RA (NAS RA) were organized
     discussions among young scientists and PhD students. Then, from June 30 to July 4 the National
     Academy of Sciences of RA hosted the First Scientific ICRANet Meeting in Armenia: Black Holes:
     the largest energy sources in the Universe. More than 80 scientists from Italy, Germany, France,
     Brazil, Korea, Iran and Armenia participated in the conference.

The conference opening ceremony was attended by the President of NAS RA, academician Radik
     Martirosyan, Academician-Secretary of the Division of Physics and Astrophysics of NAS RA Yuri
     Chilingaryan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of RA G. Nazarian, the Ambassador of Italy to the
     Republic of Armenia G. Ricciulli, the Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil to the
     Republic of Armenia E. M. D. Monteiro, the Ambassador of Vatican to RA Monsignor Marek
     Sozinski. Welcoming the guests, R. Martirosyan said that the organization of such a conference in
     Yerevan shows that research in the field of astrophysics in the Republic corresponds to the
     international level and wished success to the conference participants. Then, the director of
     ICRANet Prof. R. Ruffini briefly presented the conference scientific program and the participants,
     he also presented ICRANet centers in Italy, France, Brazil, as well as in Armenia.
     After the official ceremony the conference started, which included reports about gamma-ray bursts,
     active galactic nuclei, neutron stars, supernovae, gravitation waves and etc. There were presented

the latest data obtained from a series of experiments, such as MAGIC, HESS, Fermi LAT, NuStar
     etc. Recently obtained results of theoretical studies of modern problems in Relativistic
     Astrophysics field were also presented.
     During the conference delegation consisting of participants met with the President of NAS RA
     Radik Martirosyan and the Vice-President of NAS RA Yuri Shoukourian and they discussed
     activities and perspectives of development of ICRANet Yerevan Center.
     Then director of ICRANet Remo Ruffini, director of the Naples Observatory Massimo Della Valle
     and the head of ICRANet Armenian branch Narek Sahakyan met with the President of the National
     Assembly of RA Galust Sahakyan. Welcoming the guests the NA President highlighted the role of
     science in the development of our country, considering Armenia’s membership to the ICRANet
     jointly with Italy, Brazil and Vatican an honor. Emphasizing the conduct of the conference in
     Yerevan, G. Sahakyan has noted that the organization of researches and studies in the sphere of
     astrophysics in Armenia is based on deep scientific traditions and potential and it was greatly
     contributed by V. Ambartsumian and his school. He highly assessed the role of the ICRANet
     Regional Center, which can be of major importance for using the Armenian scientists’ potential,
     supporting researches and implementing educational programs.
     The director of Inter-Church Relations of Mother See, Artic Diocese Leader Bishop T. Hovakim
     Manukyan greeted the conference delegation in the Mother See and conveyed blessing of His
     Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians. During the meeting
     Bishop Hovakim gave importance to the organization of such conferences. During the meeting the
     historical path of Armenian Church was introduced to the guests, particularly educational and
     social modern activities, as well as close cooperation and achievements in the field of Inter-Church
     Interesting results which were obtained during the conference will be published in the Conference
     Proceedings. Due to the high level of the conference organization and warm atmosphere of
     Armenia, it was decided to organize similar conferences in the future again.

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