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How to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 3120? 855.738.0359

jhon henry
jhon henry
21:18, Четверг, 01 Декабря, 2022 года
How to troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 3120? 855.738.0359

QuickBooks Error 3120 can be seen when you get the following message: "Object X specified in the request cannot be found."More specifically, we can say that the error occurs when the payment download crashes while you try to do it through the invoices, which seems accurate. When deals or buy requests are completed, a bill or receipt and/or item receipt is synchronized to QuickBooks from the Rapid Inventory and then connected to the start of the exchange. In that case, the start of the exchange will be removed or physically checked shut, and you will probably face this message. To completely eliminate this error, follow this article.


If you are unable to follow the steps, you can call us at 855.738.0359 to get help from our technical team.

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Important Points to Remember before the Troubleshooting Procedure


First, make sure that the payment made by the customer matches the amount on the invoice sent.

You must also confirm that the actual payment by the customer and the amount on the invoice are the same in the A/R account.

Finally, run an InvoiceQuery to confirm if the invoice with that particular TxnID actually exists in the database.


Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3120 Quickly


QuickBooks Error Code 3120 is a mapping error that occurs when payments and accounts are not set up correctly in QuickBooks. Following the instructions listed below to resolve this error Quickly.

  • Access QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and select Preferences from under the File tab.

  • Hit Workstation and locate the Account Preferences section.

  • Now confirm that the account you have chosen for mapping is correct under both the Advanced and Basic tabs.

  • If the third bracket of the account name is blank, then this means that there is a fault in the account setup, and you are required to add an account to the account name section to resolve the error.

  • Enter the needed information in the account name section, and from under the Options tab, choose Save.

  • Try adding or updating transactions and confirm if you are still getting error code 3120.

  • Once the error is rectified, activate the Default QuickBooks Mapping option under the Financial Exchange section of QuickBooks Desktop.




While working on QuickBooks, if you encounter QuickBooks error 3120, you don't need to panic; this article will help you eliminate this error completely. In case the error persists, you can reach us at 855.738.0359 to get guidance from our support team.

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