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How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error OL 205?

robin hood
robin hood
14:28, Вторник, 15 Ноября, 2022 года
How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error OL 205?

When you update your accounts to download the most recent bank transactions into QuickBooks software, QuickBooks Error OL 205 may appear. The momentary bank server outage or a firm file with problems with data integrity could be the causes of error code OL-205.

We'll talk about its causes in this piece and find long-term solutions. Additionally, the occurrence of this error number because using online services in QuickBooks desktop may need you to verify your identity with your bank.

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Best Techniques to Use to Resolve QuickBooks Error OL 205

Let's now examine how to manually fix QuickBooks Error OL 205. The remedies include some complexities, therefore we advise you to carefully follow them to prevent any problems with your online banking data.

Solution 1: Check the file you downloaded from your bank to make sure it works with QuickBooks.

You should be aware that the downloaded transactions from online banking must have a.qbo file extension if you work on bank and QuickBooks collaboration. Only such a transaction can be opened in QuickBooks. QuickBooks cannot open the file if your banking institution uses an extension other than.qbo.

To fix the QuickBooks Error OL 205, retrieve the transactions from your bank's website. To do it, follow the directions below.

1. Exit QuickBooks and log in to your bank's website through your browser.

2. After logging in, look for the download transactions option and download the.qbo version of the transactions.

3. You must then import these transactions, which have a.qbo extension, into QuickBooks.

4. If QuickBooks Error Code OL 205 still occurs after using the proper extension, you must implement the next fix.

Option 2: Try reestablishing QuickBooks's connection with your bank.

Make sure to disable internet banking on any dormant bank accounts that are connected to QuickBooks. Refresh the connection after doing this.

We will direct you to look for any inactive accounts first, as advised.

1. Select the Chart of Accounts under the Company option.

2. Select the box labelled Include Inactive. The dormant account will be identified by a lightning bolt.

You need to disable online banking for any accounts that are dormant. If no inactive accounts exist, Before downloading your transactions, configure Bank Feeds.

1. Right-click the dormant account once you've located it and select Edit Account.

2. Select the Bank Feed Settings tab from the menu.

3. Select Deactivate All Online Services by clicking the button, and then click OK.

4. Select Save and Close.

5. Reopen the company file after closing it.

If the procedure is effective, the lightning bolt will no longer be present.

Finally, QuickBooks will be able to successfully download your transactions if you don't see the error OL-205.


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