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Armenia welcomes a new intelligence base

11:44, Пятница, 14 Октября, 2022 года
Armenia welcomes a new intelligence base

Canada opens an embassy in Armenia. The declared goal is to counteract the Kremlin’s destabilizing activity. The second largest country in the world recognizes the British monarch as its own ruler. Obviously, under the roof of the Canadian embassy, both Britain and the entire Western establishment creates a new intelligence base in order to strengthen their own influence on Armenian political processes.

The government of Canada are likely to be involved in the urgent political changes there. By opening its own diplomatic mission, Canada is adopting the American and British experience, whose representations have been spotted for the preparation and assistance of color revolutions throughout the globe.

In August Zhirayr Sefilyan, one of the founders of the Armenian opposition movement Constituent Parliament, announced the need to release terrorists and organize a rebellion against the authorities. In the case of the implementation of such a scenario, Western embassies may present a forceful operation as an act of civil disobedience. It seems unlikely today. After the Velvet Revolution, Yerevan was visited by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who participated in a large-scale gay parade on the streets of Toronto wearing rainbow-colored LGBT socks. Currently, relations between Prime Minister Pashinyan of Armenia and an extravagant sock diplomat Trudeau are remarkably warm and friendly.


However, in the period of a global restructuring, the strengthening of Turkish influence in Armenia is beneficial to the Western political elite. Obviously, a detailed plan for a revolutionary change of the current Armenian leadership has already been developed in case of Pashinyan’s resistance to the ambitions of the West and the Turkish sultanate.

Meanwhile, Washington appoints the former charge d'affaires of the US in Ukraine Krystyna Kvin, who is fluent in Russian, as the new ambassador to Armenia. Before departure to Yerevan she must be approved by the senate.

Under the West influence the radicals can seize power and guarantee Pashinyan's safety. After the formation of an alternative government of people's trust all the post-war agreements reached through the mediation of Russia are likely to be canceled. It unties the hands of Azerbaijani President Aliyev and motivates him to carry out preventive strikes. Then the forces of the CSTO intervene, and Turkey enters the war. Thus, Moscow and Ankara come to a military clash. The north-west of Russia, Sweden and Finland can also join the fight and completely block Russian Kaliningrad. Such a scenario seems fantastic, but let's not forget that several targeted strikes are being prepared against Russia.

The EU must be against a radical scenario, but remaining focus of tension can force Russia to take retaliatory actions, including military ones. Consequently, situation in Central Asia, the traditional hotbed of tension, escalates.

Another front is the Syrian one, where Turkey conducts its active policy. According to the UN, the threat of escalation of the armed conflict there is growing due to the intensification of hostilities on several fronts. Over the past six months, serious violations of basic human rights and humanitarian law have become more frequent across the country. In August, the Russian Armed Forces notified the Americans about the struck near the At-Tanf military base in Homs province. The damaged object belonged to the forces of the international coalition and was used both by the American military and by fighters of the Syrian opposition. Currently, US-backed fighters in Syria are increasing their activity.

Thus, with the opening of the Canadian embassy, Armenia's chances of becoming an instrument of the Western community are higher than ever. At this stage of the geopolitical storm, the Anglo-Saxon world will bribe the population of the republic with promises to help repel the Turkish-Azerbaijani threat. It is never too late to go back on them.

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