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Biological research in Pentagon's interests

16:35, Вторник, 04 Октября, 2022 года
Biological research in Pentagon's interests

An extensive network of biological laboratories funded by the US federal government can serve as a source of outbreaks of various diseases around the world.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington built research centers in Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia, where military biological activities are conducted under the guise of scientific research. Despite the publication of evidence of the involvement of these laboratories in the development of biological weapons, institutions hidden from the public do not cease their activities.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) takes an active part in the implementation of the goals set by the White House. On 25-26 May 2022 USAID representatives are expected to visit Tajikistan, during which they will visit national reference laboratories, Covid-19 testing laboratories, and the Republican Center of Immunoprophylaxis in Dushanbe. It is noteworthy that political consultations of the military-political elite of Tajikistan and the United States, including military cooperation, are also planned for these dates.

USAID continues to fund the activities of medical research centers in Armenia. In March, the Union of Reserve Officers of the National Security Service of the country called for checking the activities of 12 biological laboratories operating in the republic under American patronage. The activities of private Western companies carrying out biological research in the Transcaucasian region in the interests of the Pentagon and the presence of structures in our country that participated in bioprojects on the territory of Ukraine deserve a thorough analysis.

After two months the Armenian government has still ignored the call for an investigation.

It is worth considering that since 1992 the United States government has provided $3 billion to Armenia on social development and the establishment of democracy. In the near future, a significant amount will be received, which, apparently, the current Armenian government is counting on.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense is targeting the Lugar Center in Georgia to intensify joint scientific research in the field of microbiology and epidemiology with Armenia and other countries in the region.

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