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Yoga Nidra - I:

Yoga Nidra, otherwise called yogic rest, is a directed reflection strategy, acted in savasana or laying position on your back. This directed reflection guides you through 5 phases to allow you to reboot and end the work feeling revived.

Supportive Yoga - I:

This class is planned with delicate floor-based successions utilizing reinforces, covers, and props that help the professional to completely loosen up the muscles, dial back the psychological movement of the mind, shift profound examples, carry simplicity to the breath, and tune into the sensory system's mending limit. This hour-long class is ideally suited for any age or level of understudy.

Restorative Yoga - I:

Restorative yoga classes are delicate and incorporate yoga presents altered to a person's needs, delicate development successions to develop the body's development designs further, yogic breath methods, and directed unwinding. Each class is organized to address a district or arrangement of the body that might require adjusting for better well-being and prosperity.

These classes fit people with no sweat or injury, neuromuscular issues, ongoing agony, equilibrium or development shortfalls, nervousness or despondency, respiratory issues, or different awkward nature or dysfunctions that people might endure.

Care Yoga - I - Delicate Joints

This class integrates yoga stances, delicate development arrangements, breath work, upheld quiet contemplation and directed unwinding to help expand mindfulness and care of the breath and body and calming of the sensory system. This class is a delicate joint practice, so there is no weight bearing through the knees or wrists. Seats are accessible.

Seat Yoga - Blended levels

This seat-based Yoga Class will offer the advantages of our other yoga classes yet utilize a seat as a prop for help, balance, or propelling the posture as fitting for every understudy. A progression of choices is given for each stance to permit understudies to track down the ideal harmony among help and challenge to meet them where they are right now. This class will integrate an investigation of arrangement, strength, balance, adaptability, breath, and unwinding. All are welcome to this class. No Yoga experience is required.

Yin Yoga - Blended levels

Yin Yoga is a sluggish-paced practice zeroed in on applying moderate pressure to the connective tissues - ligaments, sash, and tendons - fully intent on expanding course in the joints and developing adaptability. Most stretches and presents are mat based and will generally be held for longer timeframes. This thoughtful way to deal with yoga develops consciousness of one's internal quietness.

Sen Yoga - Blended levels

Sen Yoga is impacted by regular Thai Yoga. During this mat-based practice, a mix of self-knead strategies, delicate cadenced developments, and held stretches will be utilized to pack and stretch the muscles and connective tissues, further developing dissemination and adaptability. Upheld knowledge reflection is presented all through the work offering the chance to notice designs in the actual body and psyche.


Delicate Stream Yoga - II

Delicate Stream Yoga is designed explicitly for those new to yoga or people keen on a delicate practice. This class consolidates basic streaming successions to heat up the body, as well as more slow-paced developments zeroing in on arrangement, strength, equilibrium, and adaptability. Each class will end with a lengthy time of unwinding. This class fits anybody of all ages, shapes, or sizes. No experience or adaptability is required.

Moderate Stream Yoga - Level III

This stream class centers around the principal yoga representation that makes up a balanced yoga practice. Accentuation is put on protected and compelling arrangement during presents and during the advances between presents. People new to yoga and individuals who have been rehearsing for a long time will appreciate developing comprehension they might interpret these center stances and the impacts they can have on the body, breath, feelings, considerations, and feelings turning out to be more focused. This class can be modestly lively as people stream starting with one posture and then onto the next, directed by their breath and the steady direction of the educator.

Evening Stream - II/III

Evening Stream Yoga is practically identical to Direct Stream Yoga; however, it dialed down an indent respecting people's fiery levels by the day's end. This class permits you to show up and appreciate calm tranquility, get the body and consume off overabundance energy, and wind down to a more profound condition of unwinding as you plan for your night.

Morning Stream Yoga - III

Morning Stream Yoga is practically identical to Direct Stream Yoga, respecting people's vivacious levels before the first part of the day. This class permits you to show up and appreciate calm and quietness, warm up and empower the body, and pass on class prepared to enter the remainder of your day with imperativeness and composure.

Fit Stream Yoga - III

This "No OM zone" class centers around developing strength, endurance, and adaptability in the actual body. It is fitting for those new to yoga and those with a lot of yoga experience - choices and changes are constantly advertised. Each class begins with a streaming series to warm up the spine and intensity up the body, followed by a progression of held stances to develop fortitude, dependability, and endurance. The class closes with delicate stretches to further develop adaptability.

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