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Stay Alert from Fake Private Detective Agencies

Spy Detective Agency
Spy Detective Agency
15:15, Понедельник, 22 Августа, 2022 года
Stay Alert from Fake Private Detective Agencies

In this Blog We gonna explain to Stay Alert from Fake Private Detective Agencies. In today’s world everyone wants to an enterpreneur. None wants to work under anyone or in any company. I don’t know about other countries but it’s a very big issue for corporates in India.


Well, my name is Rohit Malik and I am the director of Spy Detective Agency in India. I am in this profession for the past 12 years and I have experienced many things like this. Many of our employees worked 6-8 months and they have started their investigation agency. They know nothing about investigation work and still because they wanted to start their agency and they have started. On the other side, everyone has to grow. And they should be. But this 6 – 8 month of experience never helps.


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