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What Are The Common Misconceptions About Security Guards?

Logan Smith
Logan Smith
11:12, Понедельник, 01 Августа, 2022 года
What Are The Common Misconceptions About Security Guards?

Most of us don’t realize but security guards have become an integral part of our everyday life. If you go out you will see them working in shopping malls, office buildings, and parking garages. Security guards play an important role but their role usually goes unnoticed as you go about your day.


Now with every passing day due to the rise in crime rates, the need for security guards in Edmonton is rapidly increasing. But all thanks to Edmonton’s finest security guard company GPS Security you don’t need to worry about your loved ones and property.


However, due to the myths and misconceptions revolving around security guards many people are still confused about getting professional security guards services.


Media is one of the main means through which people have developed misconceptions about the security guard personnel. The majority of people due to TV shows or movies believe that being a security guard is easy, it does not include any authentic duties and it does not require any formal training.


Moreover, another common myth is that security guards are rude individuals who spend most part of the day eating donuts.


But on the flip side, the reality is very different. The safety of individuals and their property is dependent on the security guard's performance. Their job is one of the most difficult and requires a large set of skills.


So if you are also one of those who believe in GPS security Edmonton guard myths then this article is for you, keep on reading as in this post we will bust some of the common misconceptions about security guards.


Security Guards Don’t Need Any Training


This is one of the most common misconceptions that has been looming around the security guards for quite some time. Most people believe that anyone can work as a security guard and there is no special training required for becoming a security guard.

But in truth, security guards have to undergo a lot of extensive training in a variety of complex subjects such as emergency procedures, problem-solving skills, physical exercise, and legal restrictions to become a certified security guard.


Moreover, the security guards must be able to react quickly and find solutions to a wide range of complex problems. So they need to have the ability to foresee such situations and choose the right responses and in order to achieve this level, they need to go through special training programs.


So if you are planning to hire a security guard make sure to only hire a professional security guard from a certified security guard company.


Security Guards Need To Be Muscular & Strong


It is a common belief that security guards need to look strong and muscular. But contrary to common belief the security guards are not required to resemble muscular strongmen.


There is no doubt that physical fitness is a great attribute but that does not mean that security guards' muscles have to be visible. In reality a strong physically fit security guard will stop robbers but other traits and abilities are more important and are needed in risky circumstances.


The main responsibility of a security guard includes de-escalating confrontations and preventing criminal activities and to fulfill these responsibilities a security guard needs keen observational skills, strong communication skills, and the capacity to stay focused.


Moreover, strong and muscular security guards are not perfect for all sorts of situations. There are some employers who want average-sized security guards who can blend in and remain undetectable.


So it is a myth that security guards need to be muscular and strong, the only thing you should look for while hiring a security guard is strong observational and communication skills.


A Women Can’t Be A Security Guard


Another common misconception is that women can’t serve as security guards. There is no doubt that men are highly dominant in the security guard profession. If you ask people what a typical security guard looks like, most of them will picture a man in uniform. However, this does not mean that women can't work in this industry.


As stated earlier a good security guard must have the following qualities: observational skills, communication skills, and experience, and both men and women are capable of possessing them. Also as the world is progressing so is the security guard profession, now more than ever women are joining security forces.


Women are increasingly being hired as security guards nowadays. This is a nice change as it will bring diversity and a wide range of excellent qualities to the industry that are much needed.


Security Guards Are Lazy


No one will hire security guards if they are unfit and unreliable to protect them. Security guards are expected to be active and sharp.


This misconception about security guards being lazy is mostly due to TV shows, as these shows mostly depict security guards snoozing off on stools or munching on food all the time in the monitor room.


But this is not true, certified security guard companies have trained security guards who are trained to be active and vigilant at all times.

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