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How to Create Animated Videos from Blog Posts in Four Simple Steps

Charles Maynes
Charles Maynes
20:35, Понедельник, 04 Июля, 2022 года
How to Create Animated Videos from Blog Posts in Four Simple Steps

Do you have any excellent, pertinent blog posts that you believe would make fantastic videos? Using an automated video creator, you may easily convert it to an animated video. How? Read on.


What Blog Types to Select

Prior to turning your blog into a video, it's crucial to pick one that can be converted well and can support your marketing objectives. Animation works better with some types of text and articles than others. These are some examples of articles that are effective:


Numbers and Lists

Because they are simple for the audience to follow and comprehend, lists and countdowns are simple to convert to animated videos. They also encourage the viewer to stick around until the countdown is over.


Testimonials from Clients

Customer testimonials naturally attract the audience in because they are narrative-driven. Just make sure the initial few seconds hint to the story's finale to draw viewers in and persuade them to watch the entire narrative.


Explicit Posts

The value of animated explainer movies to both current and new clients is enormous. Almost any educational or illustrative blog post may be converted into an animated explainer film. In fact, the viewer may find the video to be more helpful than the original article because it automatically breaks down potentially overwhelming information into smaller, more digestible chunks.


How to Create an Animated Video from Your Blog

In four easy steps, you can turn your blog into an animated video:

     1. Select a Template
     The platform on which you intend to share it will determine the orientation of your template, so choose that first. You have the option of square, portrait, or landscape. You can choose your preferred design once you've narrowed your options based on orientation.
     2. Post your text and media there.
     Upload your text of choice and any accompanying media you may have. If you don't already have any, you can choose from stock photos and movies to add to your content.

     3. Choose a text animation effect.
     To give your video the appearance and feel you're going for, pick the text and animation effects you want to use. To create a more sophisticated visual impact, you can also use animated overlays.

     4. Make Your Video Your Own
     When you have a draught, spend some time watching your animated movie and paying attention to the details. Change the language to make it clearer, or experiment with the color scheme to make it consistent with your branding. Make it your own by personalizing it as you see fit.


Once Your Animated Video Is Complete

There are a few actions you should take after perfecting your video and before releasing and sharing it to ensure that it has the greatest possible impact.

  • Create A Catchy Title

To aid with SEO and entice viewers, select a clear, snappy title that is keyword-rich. Although giving a video a title can seem like one of the simplest tasks in the process, doing keyword research and giving it careful consideration is actually rather difficult.

  • Put A Meta-Description In

Include a descriptive, keyword-rich description to assist your visitors locate your movie through search, even if you believe it to be self-explanatory. This is true for popular search engines like Google as well as for social media sites like Facebook.

  • Insert backlinks

Always include a link in the description of your videos so that viewers may access your website and enhance conversions.

  • Free Animation Video Creation

Are you prepared to make your first animated film? Professional-quality videos can now be accessed for a small fraction of the price thanks to RawShorts, which provides a user-friendly platform with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. See how quickly you can turn your blogs into captivating animated videos by hiring our corporate video production!

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