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does the rubbing alcohol kill mold?

12:03, Пятница, 10 Июня, 2022 года
does the rubbing alcohol kill mold?

For a country with a humid monsoon tropical climate like Vietnam, in the rainy season, the high humidity, causing bacteria to multiply and grow very quickly, are places that easily generate mold such as corners, walls. walls, ceilings, floors, ...
     The long rainy season with high air humidity makes the walls easy to become moldy, tiny black spots, stinking, yellowing, ... look very unattractive and cause uncomfortable.
     Therefore, it is essential that you use the methods of cleaning moldy walls to remove mold from the name of the wall as well as the closet in the family.

If you want to save effort, time, efficiency and quickly, you can buy specialized chemicals to remove moss on the wall, mold on the wall and in addition you have You can refer to the methods of removing mold on the wall with ingredients familiar to the kitchen that are also very effective and can also help you save a lot of money. Take a moment to check out these 5 simple ways to clean moldy walls!
     1. How to clean moldy walls with bleach:

Bleach, also known as javel, is a popular solution these days that you can easily find at regular grocery stores. For how to clean moldy walls with bleach you need to prepare the following items: gloves, mask, knife, bucket or brass, paint roller, brush, ..

The steps are as follows:

  1. Wear gloves and a mask to protect your skin from direct contact with bleach as bleach is strongly alkaline and can be harmful to your skin.
  2. Dissolve the bleach in the water
  3. Use a knife to scrape off the mold on the wall before you put the bleach mixture on the moldy area, this will speed up the removal process.
  4. Dip a roller in the bleach mixture, then roll it on the moldy wall.
  5. Wait a moment for the bleach mixture to penetrate, then use a brush to rub the mold to dislodge the mold.
  6. Then rinse the walls and tools with clean water.
  7. Use an electric fan to reduce the smell of bleach and allow the wall to dry quickly to avoid mold.

2. How to clean moldy walls with fresh lemon:

  1. Fresh lemon must be no stranger to housewives in terms of cleansing properties due to its citric acid composition and pleasant aroma. It is also a natural ingredient that is safe for health, so lemons are often used. cleaning chemicals. For that reason, fresh lemons have the ability to remove mold on the wall.
  2. How to creak moldy house walls with fresh lemon as follows:
  3. Wet the walls of the moldy areas
  4. Rub lemon juice over moldy areas or rub lemon juice on those moldy areas.
  5. Use a brush to scrub the mold off and then dry with a clean cloth

3. How to clean moldy walls with vinegar and rubbing alcohol
Vinegar or white vinegar is an ingredient that is easy to find in every home kitchen. Similar to lemons, vinegar is also acidic and has a strong cleansing properties that can help remove mold on your walls. If you want to remove mold with vinegar, mix vinegar in rubbing alcohol with the ratio of 1: 1 and then boil it, add a little salt then use a paint roller to roll on the wall, the mold will disappear immediately.

Baking soda or baking soda is a substance that has many different uses, besides being used in cooking, it can also be used as a common detergent. How to clean moldy walls with baking soda is quite simple, you just need to dissolve baking soda with water at a ratio of 1: 5 and then use a paint roller to roll over the moldy walls.

These two ways to clean moldy walls with vinegar and baking soda are both very effective and simple.

Remove mold with Baking Soda, also known as baking powder

4. How to clean moldy walls with soap and hydrogen peroxide:

For how to clean moldy walls with isopropyl alcohol. Dilute 3: 1 with isopropyl alcohol 99% and water, then use a stiff brush to soak the soap solution and scrub over the moldy part. After brushing, you must rinse with clean water and dry with an electric fan.

For how to clean moldy walls with rubbing alcohol: You use 70% rubbing alcohol to stay pure and put in a spray bottle, spray directly rubbing alcohol on the mold wall and wait about 15 minutes for absorbent solution then wipe dry with a clean cloth. The mold traces also follow.

using rubbing alcohol to kil mold in commonplace
using rubbing alcohol to kil mold in commonplace
using rubbing alcohol to kil mold in school
using rubbing alcohol to kil mold in school
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