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lied KinProviding Expert Chiropractic Therapies For Over 35 Years. As a second generation chiropractic physician, Dr. Robinson has seen the benefits of natural healthy solutions his whole life. His father graduated chiropractic college in the 1950's and returned to northwest Alabama. Practicing in an area and a time where many people generally ate healthier food, got more exercise and were exposed to less chemicals than today, he saw severe problems from Parkinson's to cancer improve with simply chiropractic treatment. As the years passed and people presented with more difficult problems, nutrition was a logical choice. Over 60 years later we find patients with chronic problems that are requiring more and more knowledge to provide solutions. With over 35 years of service, Dr. Robinson's education continues in the areas of functional neurology and functional medicine/nutrition. In addition to certification in multiple techniques, his continuing education includes over 200 hours of Functional Neurology in addition to 100 hours of Appesiology.
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