Distance learning solutions: Ways it helps In the Special Education

Tom Curry
Tom Curry
13:05, Saturday, 27 November, 2021
Distance learning solutions: Ways it helps In the Special Education

In the academic year 2020 to 2021, there was an increase of 0.50% increase in special education requirements in the UK. Thus, a total of 1, 536 special schools used distance learning courses and interactive learning modules to lessen the learning gap. According to federal laws, schools cannot stop the learning process in any circumstances, but the lockdown was a litmus test for British educational institutions.

This is where distance learning courses helped in bridging the learning gap. So, if your institution does not know how will it help in facilitating learning, read this post. After reading, use it for your learners as well.

How do Distance Learning Solutions help In Special Education?

1. Using digital resources for higher interactivity

The Learning Management System (LMS), Videos, and online tools are enough to meet the learning objective. But remember, these tools should be accessible on every device. And not just device compatibility, even language should be proper so that your special education learners will understand the content.

To make the learning easier, use PDFs on a screen reader, highlighter to mark the content, slides and sheet for the proper data management. And if your institution is facing issues in developing such technical resources, collaborate with service providers. They will make the task easier for you!

2. Creating IEPs

Acquiring real-time information with a few interactive elements motivate SEN (Special Education Needs) learners. So, your institution should also emphasize the same. The IEPs (Individual educational plans) are the best solution for this problem. But remember that these IEPs should have accurate information. In addition, in terms of distance learning, use online IEPs.

3. MOOCs and LCMS are also good.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) both tools can both be used as distance learning solutions. However, for special education, ensure that they are accessible and compatible, which makes it learners friendly.

Source: Tom Curry
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