Nominal resignation from the post of Prime Minister in Armenia as part of Pashinyan's campaign

11:04, Monday, 03 May, 2021
Nominal resignation from the post of Prime Minister in Armenia as part of Pashinyan's campaign

After Joe Biden recognized the massacre and deportation of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as Genocide, on April 25, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan dared to announce his resignation in a special statement. This resignation is conditional and has nothing to do with the termination of his powers. And even more so after leaving office, even under the influence of protest sentiments. Back in March, these speeches began to decline after the announcement of early parliamentary elections. Pashinyan's main opponent, ex-President Robert Kocharian, has already announced his participation in the upcoming campaign. Today we see the mobilization of the political elite in Armenia and the foreign actors behind them.

Until April 25, the media and social networks discussed the possible postponement or cancellation of elections in the republic. In a hurry, sociological measurements were taken, the prime minister began to more actively make voyages around the country and abroad. Everyone was waiting for a signal from Pashinyan. Whether he will fulfill his promise to retire. And now the time has come.

According to the Constitution, Pashinyan must submit his own candidacy to the National Assembly twice. If he does not receive support, then parliament will be dissolved, and new elections are scheduled.

Pashinyan, having the resources of the largest faction behind his back, most likely will not be supported. But this is his goal. Otherwise, a new surge of mass protests cannot be avoided. Pashinyan does not need this today. It is important for him to win on a legal basis. This, of course, will not solve any of the acute state issues.

Nevertheless, Pashinyan enjoys the support of the leadership of certain states, which brought him to power in 2018. We are talking about the American establishment, interested in increasing influence in the Caucasus and maintaining tension along the line of contact between the Armenian-Azerbaijani forces.

This third-party support provides a great resource for Pashinyan, who is confident in his future security and freedom.

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