Top Duties Of A Fire Watch Security

09:43, Thursday, 03 December, 2020
Top Duties Of A Fire Watch Security

Essentially, a fire watch security has the responsibility of preventing a fire outbreak in a place. A fire watch security is a trained professional that reduces the risk of fire and ensure compliance to fire safety protocols in a building. This professional is also known as a fire watch guard.

This professional carry out routine checks on fire protection systems installed in a building and ensure adequate functionality. For instance, if an alarm system breaks down, it is the duty of a fire watch security to detect this and recommend a repair or replacement when necessary. This professional checks for fire threats or potential hazards in an environment.

People often substitute fire alarm systems for fire watch security, but they play different roles. While a fire alarm system and other fire protection installations are automated, a fire watch security is a professional that will be on ground to ensure the protection of a building from fire.

However, before you hire a fire watch security, you should be fully aware of what their duties are. In this article, we will list the important duties of a fire watch guard.

Duties of a fire watch security

  • A fire watch security monitors a building or an area to protect it against fire surge. This includes patrolling every floor and room of the building hourly to ensure there are no fire threats or risks.
  • Identification of safety concerns with fire protection systems, including fire alarms and reporting the issues promptly. This professional must be able to detect if a fire alarm system has broken down and recommend adequate action such as repair or replacement of the system.
  • A fire watch security has the responsibility of inspecting an event site before and after an event to ensure there are no fire threats at the location.
  • This personnel must ensure compliance with fire safety requirements in a building and continuously educate occupants on ways to prevent fire outbreaks.
  • Asides from the management of fire protection systems, it is the duty of a fire watch guard must ensure there are adequate exits, pathways, or walkways in a facility should a fire occur.
  • A fire watch guard sets off an alarm if a fire occurs and sees to the appropriate evacuation of people in the building. This professional is also responsible for communicating with the fire service department when a fire outbreak occurs.
  • This professional must have adequate training on extinguishing the fire and activating fire protection systems in a building.
  • A fire watch security must keep a logbook of the activities carried out in a facility, including all patrols.

Final Thought
Depending on the fire watch company you hire guards from, these additional duties might be given to fire watch security. You should check the list of services of the company you are hiring from to ensure the core duties are listed.

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