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How To Approach A Woman During The Day Time - The Differences

21:01, Monday, 26 October, 2020
How To Approach A Woman During The Day Time - The Differences

You may know all there is to know about how to approach a woman at a bar or club, but when you make daytime approaches, it's a whole different game. Most guys assume that the day game is pretty much the same, and they're dead wrong. Day game is basically anything outside of a bar or club. At bars and clubs, there's a huge difference that really changes the dynamic - drugs and alcohol are involved.

There are advantage and disadvantages to day game. The biggest advantage is that there's usually no competition at all. There aren't a hundred other guys at the venue doing essentially the same thing as you - meeting girls. You also don't have all the distractions of your friends, her friends, the music, the lights, other girls, other guys, etc. Night clubs and bars can be over-stimulating.

During the daytime, she's walking around just doing her thing. Maybe she's running errands, going shopping, checking out the bookstore or having a cup of coffee. There's not much going on and this means nothing's going to get in the way of your conversation.

One disadvantage is that it's nearly impossible to pick up girls in groups during the day. When you approach groups, you need to be high-energy and that's just plain weird in the middle of the day. You might be okay approaching a pair of girls somewhere, but basically group approaches don't work well during the day. Your energy level during the day should be about a third of what it is at night.

Another difference is that touching doesn't work during the daytime. Can you imagine if you just grabbed some girl walking down the street? That's just plain creepy. Think of it this way - really light touching might be okay, but nothing that would be weird at work. If you wouldn't do it at the office, it's off limits during day game.

During the day, girls aren't drunk or high, and this often means they're not in social mode. This is why you don't just walk down the street throwing out openers. She's on her way to pick up her dry cleaning or take care of some other errand, and she's not expecting guys to walk up and talk to her.

Finally, day game doesn't end in sex. The goal is to get a phone number or set a date. That's it. When you want to know how to approach a woman successfully in the day time, you've *** to keep these things from "local video chats" in mind.

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