Get an accident at work claim UK with free advice.

10:50, Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
Get an accident at work claim UK with free advice.

Accidents may be caused by any negligent behavior. Negligence can be on part of the person or the guilty party.

In case you are an employee of a company and you have suffered an accident at work. If you think that accident is caused by the negligence of your employer. You have a right to file a work accident claim against the employer. The accident at work claims will be paid by the employer’s insurance liability.


Looking for a claims management company:

If you are looking for a claims management company in the UK, Lawswood claims is the answer. You can come to us for free advice on the matter. We have expertise in dealing with claims of accident at work. We are fully aware of which offices to contact and how to fulfill the procedure to file a claim and get the maximum amount of compensation for you. If it was a no-fault accident at work, where you were not at fault, you can file a claim within 3 years of your accident.


No win no fee:

We do not charge any fee upfront. We only charge a fee if you win your claim of accident at work.


Follow the advice of having a record:

Having a record of the accident at work can help you file a claim for compensation.


Recording the incident can be done by:

  • Reporting the incident at work

  • Reporting to a doctor

  • Take photographs of the injury and the reasons that caused the injury.

  • Get contact details of eyewitnesses if any

  • Make written notes of accidents even make drawings of anything that can help you explain your accident at work.


Reporting the incident at work:


Most of the organizations have an accident log book. Make sure the employer has recorded your accident. That serves as a proof to file a claim of the accident at work.


Reporting to a doctor:


It is a good idea to report to a doctor immediately after the accident. That makes it easier to get a medical record and prove it as evidence.


Take a photograph of the injury:


Taking the photographs of the incident can be helpful in proving your innocence. It can be easier to prove the negligence of your employer. It is the responsibility of every employer to provide a safe and secure working environment for employees. Failing to do so can result in accidents.


Get contact details of eyewitnesses if any:


It is better to get the contact details of any eyewitnesses if possible. That can be really beneficial for filing your claim of accident at work.


Make written notes of the accident:


You may make any written notes of the accident at work or any drawing that can help you to explain the situation that caused the accident.


Approach a claims management company after gathering facts and figures. Evidence can range from reporting the accident to the human resource department, to the doctor and getting photographs of the incident. That can be helpful in filing the work accident claim.

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