The reference to the Armenian Genocide in the White House: what we should expect?

17:08, Friday, 10 July, 2020
The reference to the Armenian Genocide in the White House: what we should expect?

At a briefing on July 6, White House spokeswomanKayleigh McEnany used the term ‘Armenian Genocide’.
     This is the first time that White House official applies the term genocide to the Armenian people. Accordingly. It is an important event for Armenia that really needs attention.
     Of course, the words of the White House spokesman contradict the official position of the US leadership and may put President Donald Trump in an awkward position in relations with the Turkish government. Since Washington’s current policy is aimed at maintaining partnerships with Ankara, this event will not affect the official position of the US authorities on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
     Nevertheless, any statements by the official representative of the President of the United States on communication with the press corps are not accidental. Not only the summons, but also the full text of the briefing is agreed in advance with the US Department of State.
     Since what was said at the briefing is doomed to gain resonance, such a mention of "the Armenian Genocide" is a way to attract the attention of Turkey and observe the subsequent reaction of Erdogan and other members of the Turkish government.
     Most actively in the American press this topic was covered by publications traditionally representing the democratic wing, in particular, The Washington Post.
     In turn, both the Turkish media and Turkish officials have so far ignored this topic. The reason is that the American establishment is continuing its campaign of pressure on Ankara, aimed at imposing its own geopolitical and economic interests. The US is trying to persuade Turkey to agree to long-term supplies of its own liquefied natural gas. And Erdogan is already very close to the decision to make Turkey an American gas hub.
     Since Turkey is already a hub through which huge volumes of gas go from Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Algeria, the real goal of the Americans is to impose an agreement on Ankara providing for the possibility of the passage of LNG tankers through the Bosphorus.
     Now the movement of gas carriers along the strait is prohibited, which does not allow Kiev and Sofia to acquire overseas LNG. If Ankara makes concessions, the situation will radically change. The Americans will be able to build terminals for receiving liquefied gas on the coast of all their satellites in the region - Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova. And thereby provide a good market for manufacturers in Louisiana.
     And there is every chance that Turkey will agree to pass the LNG tanker through the Bosphorus. The economy is in crisis, foreign exchange reserves are running out. For five months of this year, Turkish state-owned banks sold $ 55 billion to slow down the fall of the lira, which has depreciated more than twice in three years. In May, the outflow of currency from the country exceeded the inflow by $ 5 billion.
     Turkey’s last chance to escape from economic collapse is to get into the US Federal Reserve assistance program. At the height of the crisis, the Fed opened unlimited credit lines to central banks in developing countries such as Mexico or Brazil. But Washington has so far refused Turkey "because of the high politicization of the Turkish Central Bank." For the Americans to change their anger to mercy, Ankara will have to pay with something.
     Today, no matter how the Armenian people dream of official international recognition of the Genocide, the current geopolitical situation is far from this event. Armenian leadership needs to keep abreast and use rapidly changing realities in their interests.

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