Persuasive Essay Prompts Should Signify Your Convincing Power

19:47, Tuesday, 12 November, 2019
Persuasive Essay Prompts Should Signify Your Convincing Power

Highlight your innovative and imaginative skills while discussing persuasive essay prompts

     Persuasive essays are given to the students by their tutors to judge their writing abilities. Hence, students should pick a suitable topic among the given persuasive essay prompts, which can give enough evidence of the imaginative and innovative skills, while trying to convince the reader about a certain viewpoint and argument. Therefore, it is essential for the students to write on those topics that are most familiar to them, as they will feel more confident in writing on such issues and then use uk-essays.org. In addition, students should build further on the knowledge already existing about the related issues, so that the essay is presented in an excellent manner.

Given below are a few prompts that can be expanded by the students to write a persuasive essay. However, it is advisable that student also go through expository essay for understanding the technique required to write a paper on one of the persuasive essay prompts.

Review of a film or a book

Students need to select a film or a book or a TV serial to write their opinion on the same. This will entail research on the relevant topic by the students to know about the views of others on the concerned book or film. While giving reference of a particular review, students should state their argument in support or against the viewpoint forwarded in the relevant review. Similarly, a film can be reviewed; in a critical manner to engage the reader on its various aesthetic or emotional aspects and then comparing the views with other published critical remarks.

Lifestyle of people in 21st century is the best

Students should describe the advantages and disadvantages of the technological revolution that all of us are feeling in our daily life. It is essential to give examples of changes in the lifestyle of the people and the way it has been different from the earlier centuries. Thereafter, students must give their arguments and counter arguments on the positive and negative affects of such changes as well as the manner in which this has made our lives quantitatively and qualitatively better or worse.

Materialism and American people

This is one of the most argued persuasive essay prompts that has become the debatable topic for drawing room discussions, worldwide. Students can start the essay by explaining the concept of materialism and spiritualism to the readers so that they can assess the information in a comparative manner. Students will require undertaking research on these issues and the results of following any of the two legacies. However, it is essential that students explore the goals of materialistic concept in the context of present day emotional crisis on one side and economic crisis on the other hand.

As every essay should be written in a proper essay format students need to familiarize themselves with the requirements of various writing styles. In addition, a well organized essay outline will be a sure-shot grade scorer, while writing such essays.

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